How Bruce Campbell's Ash vs. Evil Dead Chainsaw Hand Has Been Improved

Ash vs Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell talks about how his character's trademark chainsaw hand has been improved for the series.

Bruce Campbell's Ash vs. Evil Dead set for season 2

Bruce Campbell talks how Ash vs. Evil Dead's trademark chainsaw hand has improved with current special effects technology. When Campbell first originated the role that made him a horror and cult movie icon back in Sam Raimi's original Evil Dead film, he was of course operating with both hands intact, as most people tend to do. Along with 1987's Evil Dead II serving to evolve Ash from the fairly meek survivor he started as into the badass Deadite-slayer he was destined to be came perhaps his defining character moment: chopping off his own possessed hand in an insane rage.

Not content to just have a stump where his hand used to be, Ash solidified his iconic status by opting to attach a chainsaw to his arm, and use it to chop Deadites into piles of quivering limbs. To use one of Ash's catchphrases, most Evil Dead fans found this development to be nothing short of "groovy." Ash's chainsaw appendage would go on to serve him quite well in 1993 sequel Army of Darkness as well, as his prowess with the weapon helped prove that he was in fact the hero who had been long-predicted to arrive from the sky and stop the Deadite scourge.

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With Campbell having portrayed Ash for over 35 years, it stands to reason that the technology powering the character's trademark chainsaw hand would have significantly evolved by now. During a recent chat with Cinema Blend, Campbell revealed the following:

"I do push them for engineering progress. The chainsaws have gotten lighter. We have an 18-volt chainsaw now that was much lighter. They're using like carbon fiber and stuff. They've done good. The grips inside have improved so you can hold on without cutting your hand. They've done a very good job at improving what is a clunky thing. This 18-volt one, I can power the blade myself, so we don't have to use cables, which is a technological leap."

Additionally, Campbell was asked how it felt to briefly portray a two-handed Ash once again during Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. Here's his response.

"Yeah, for like an hour. These things never last long. It's always good to get my hand back. It's one of the challenges of playing the character. You always have fake hand, fake chainsaw. Black sock, something over your hand. A stunt rig. It gets old quick. Even putting on the mechanical hand, it's like wearing a welder's glove all day. It's a restrictive device."

As an actor, Campbell understandably appreciates the current rendition of Ash's signature weapon, as it sounds like a much safer apparatus as a whole at this point. It also looks just as badass as it ever has on-screen, if not more so. One of the most fan-pleasing parts of Ash vs Evil Dead is the high amount of gory kills, and a heaping helping of them per episode come at the business end of Ash's gas-fueled best friend.

Frustratingly, Campbell still didn't reveal during the above interview exactly when the long-since completed Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 will air on Starz, although based on some of his previous statements, it's likely he still doesn't even know the premiere date himself. Well, whether it happens in 2017 or 2018, Ash fans will still likely show up to hail the king.

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Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 still has no official premiere date.

Source: Cinema Blend

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