Brosnan, Cage and Polanski - Together At Last!

One of the most depressing things about writing movie news is that you see how much garbage is produced by Hollywood. Every day you look at remakes, sequels, adaptations and think - "why, Lord, why?"

Then you forget about it and move on to another equally depressing story. I'm not complaining here... well I am, but I love doing this. What keeps me excited is a day like today, when I see great news - news that might not set the box office on fire, but news that should make for an interesting film.

Today's news?

Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage will be directed by Roman Polanski in the The Ghost, a thriller based on the novel by Robert Harris. The film will also star Tilda Swinton and Kim Cattrall.

This may not have been a teaming that I would have thought about and hoped for, but now that it's here - I'm a very happy man.

The Ghost sounds like a really good mature film, and as much as I like to watch fun and entertaining films - I also like to sink my teeth into a nice heavy thriller.

The plot for The Ghost is as follows:

The former British Prime Minister (Brosnan) plans to publish his memoirs, he brings in a Ghostwriter (Cage) to pen the book, but when the writer becomes privy to certain secrets -his life comes under threat. The film will mostly take place in a sea front house in winter, for added tension.

This sounds like a fantastic two-hander and you all know that I'm a big fan of Brosnan and that I'm partial to a bit of Nic Cage, so this should be very interesting, On top of all this Polanski is always at home (well abroad, but we wont go there) when directing a thriller.

The film will shoot in Berlin this Fall (Autumn).

Also on the Pierce Brosnan front - the former James Bond will produce and star alongside Susan Sarandon in The Greatest.

"The film is a drama about a family who tragically loses their son in a car accident only to find that the young girl he was with that night is now carrying his child. It is a complex study of love, grief and forgiveness."

It looks like a busy time for Mr Brosnan, I just hope that he has time to fit in The Topkapi Affair!

Sources: MTV and Pierce Brosnan

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