Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Times Jake And Amy Were Relationship Goals

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the cop workplace comedy we never knew we needed but now can't imagine our lives without it. There are many great romances and friendships that have come out of this show, but hands down the best relationship to root for is Jake and Amy's.

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Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago started out as work frenemies who were wildly competitive with each other. Eventually, their tentative friendship evolved into a budding romance. Now, in the current season, the two are happily married and their love for each other is as strong as ever. Over the course of their courtship, there were many amazing moments between the two detectives that instantly made them relationship goals. Here are the top 10 moments of their relationship for all the Peraltiago shippers out there.

10 Their First Kiss

The first two seasons had a lot of back and forth between the two stubborn and competitive detectives. Jake realized before Amy that he had feelings for her, though it was clear that he was not alone in this.

By the season 2 finale, they were both aware they had feelings for each other but were still reluctant to begin a relationship when they would have to continue working together. But when their Captain, Raymond Holt, abruptly had to leave his position at the 99, emotions were running high and they finally had their first real kiss.

It was the perfect way to start their love story and we were glad to see them finally act on their feelings for one another.

9 Jake’s Willingness To Be Demoted For Amy

At the start of season 3, the 99th precinct had a new captain. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack, but he was soon replaced by the infamous Vulture, who is basically the nemesis of all of the detectives, including Jake and Amy.

When the Vulture found out they were dating and conspiring to get him out of their precinct, he threatened Jake that if he didn't break-up with Amy, he would demote him and he would no longer be a detective.

Jake tried to fight it but was also willing to be demoted if it meant he could stay with Amy. It was truly an "aww" worthy moment.

8 The Mattress Debacle

Towards the beginning of their relationship, Amy was having trouble when sleeping over at Jake's because his mattress was old, lumpy and altogether uncomfortable. Jake took a stand at first, saying he had no need to buy a new mattress when they were so expensive.

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This caused their first real problem and argument. But ultimately, Captain Holt helped talk some sense into Jake and he realized Amy was worth buying that new mattress for. It was a symbol of how much he cared about her and was a subtle romantic moment and gesture between the two.

7 When Jake Let Amy Win Their Apartment Bet

In season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Amy make yet another bet, but this time it has to do with moving into the other's apartment. Whoever lost this bet would be moving into the winner's apartment.

It was a hilarious episode that took us back to the competitive nature they've always had with each other, but by the end of it, when Jake and Amy were fighting to be the winner, Jake decided to let her win at a crucial moment.

He realized it didn't matter to him if they lived in his place, as long as she was happy and he got to live with her. Plus, his place was honestly a dump compared to hers, so it worked out in the end.

6 Jake Became A Harry Potter Fan Because Of Amy

When we first met Jake and Amy, they seemed like polar opposites. We couldn't fathom two completely different individuals actually managing to fall in love with one another but they did just that.

Over time, too, their separate interests started to become mutual interests. Like Amy being so supportive of Jake's Die Hard obsession. But Jake took it to another level when he became seriously invested in the Harry Potter books that Amy loved so much.

When Amy found out he had secretly been reading them, her bright enthusiasm about it was so sweet and Jake returned her excitement tenfold. We couldn't help but fall a little bit more in love with them.

5 Amy Telling Jake She Loves Him “So Much”

In the season 3 finale, the stakes were high for the detectives at the 99th precinct. Jake and the other detectives were trying to track down Holt who had been kidnapped at a hospital by an FBI agent that had double-crossed them. While Amy and Charles Boyle were trying to get back to New York from Texas to help save them.

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While on the plane, Amy is seriously concerned she'll never get to tell Jake that she loves him "so much" if something were to happen to him. Luckily, she and Boyle make it back to not only help save the day but for Amy to tell Jake just how much she loves him. It was an adorable moment for this amazing couple.

4 The Halloween Heist Proposal

Every fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows that when October rolls around each year, it's time for the Halloween Heist. This game of sorts is what the detectives play each year to determine who is the "Ultimate Human/Genius".

In season 5, Jake used this opportunity to propose to Amy in the most epic of ways: he used the wrestling belt that was the prize for the heist to engrave: "Amy Santiago, will you marry me?"

This moment and proposal instantly brought tears to the eyes of Peraltiago fans everywhere, especially when Amy said yes.

3 When Jake Realized He Wanted To Propose

When someone realizes they want to spend the rest of their lives with someone else it is a pretty huge moment for that person. Sometimes it doesn't even take something substantial to make them come to this realization. It can be incredibly simple yet just as meaningful as the upcoming proposal itself.

That is exactly what happened when Jake realized he wanted to marry Amy and spend his life with her. All it took was her noticing a spelling error in the crossword puzzle she was doing that night, and he knew she was the one for him. As Rosa Diaz said, "Romantic epiphanies are dope.”

2 Jake Getting Through Prison By Talking To Amy

At the end of season 4, Rosa and Jake are framed for a crime they didn't commit and are sent to prison for it. It becomes the 99's mission to free both of them and clear their names once and for all at the start of season 5.

But while Jake is still imprisoned, he has to find ways to cope with this new life he leads, at least for the time being. He does this mostly by thinking of Amy.

So when he gets an illegal cell phone while in prison, the only person he wants to talk to is, of course, Amy. He'd rather hear her voice and risk further trouble than not talk to her at all.

1 Amy Dressing Up As Holly Gennero From Die Hard

One of the main running jokes throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Jake's major obsession with Die Hard and absolutely everything related to it.

Which is why when Jake and Amy were on their honeymoon at the beginning of season 6, Amy decides to spice up their intimacy a little bit by dressing up as Holly Gennero, the wife of Bruce Willis' character, John McClane, in Die Hard.

Unfortunately, her fun plans were thwarted when Jake and Amy had to help their Captain come to his senses and not leave the 99. It was still not only a hilarious moment but really sweet that she would go to such great lengths to make Jake happy on their honeymoon.

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