Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Still Wants to Play Miss America

Stephanie Beatriz Wants Miss America Role

Although Miss America is one of the most exciting rising stars of the Marvel Comics scene, the character is yet to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's not for the lack of effort of Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz, however, who has once again reiterated her interest in playing America Chavez.

Beatriz, who plays Detective Rosa Diaz in the hit comedy show, first made her feelings about the Miss America role known back in May, posting on Twitter that she would like to star in an adaptation written by Miss America's solo comic writer Gabby Rivera. Now, Beatriz has added further fuel to the fire thanks to another social media post.

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This time, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star took to Instagram, sharing an image of herself next to Miss America, pulling the same pose as the superhero. Given that Beatriz would already be a very solid fit for the character, no doubt the positive reception of the post is bound to work in her favor, should Miss America make it into the MCU. The Instagram post itself can be seen below.


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America Chavez first appeared back in 2011, and quickly gained a following due to her strong character. The success of Miss America then led to the superhero's own ongoing series, which debuted in March of this year and made history as Marvel's first series to have a Latin-American queer character as the main hero. The reception to said series has been extremely solid, and so Miss America could be a good left-field choice to join the MCU.

The character's ties to other heroes that are already part of the cinematic universe is certainly a positive, too. Miss America is part of the Ultimates, alongside Black Panther and Captain Marvel, and with both of those characters getting standalone movies there's no reason that the other members of the Ultimates couldn't make an appearance. With Captain Marvel filming set to start in February of 2018, the film could act as a strong jumping-off point for Miss America, too.

Should Miss America appear in the MCU, though, Beatriz could have some strong competition on her hands. Gina Rodriguez of Jane the Virgin has also shown interest in Miss America, and the popularity of the character overall is bound to get lots of attention. At the very least, the fact that the character is being discussed in such positive terms is a sign to Marvel that America Chavez would be a good fit for the cinematic universe.

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