Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Teaser Is All About The Move To NBC

Joe Lo Truglio Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Just in case you forgot, the new teaser trailer for season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is here to remind you the show has a new home on NBC. Though it seems networks and streaming services are collecting other networks’ casually discarded programming with astonishing frequency nowadays, one of the biggest saves in recent memory is that of the beloved workplace sitcom from Daniel Goor and Mike Schur. And while it may seem a little early to be touting the move (new episodes won’t begin airing until 2019), it’s nevertheless comforting to know Brooklyn’s finest will be on the case on the Peacock network in just a few months. 

The new teaser is as much an ad for NBC as it is for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as you can almost hear the teaser waiting for a collective “thank you” from fans of the ensemble comedy for snatching the series up after FOX unceremoniously canceled the series earlier this year. Thankfully, the deal to move to NBC seemed almost in place before the cancelation announcement was made, as the cops of the 99th precinct were touting NBC very shortly thereafter. Still, despite not making fans wait in anticipation, or forcing them to start an online petition to save their favorite show, the move continues to be a source of good news. 

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And though it definitely goes light on new material from the upcoming season, the teaser manages to raise some eyebrows for what it does (and doesn’t) reveal. Check out the brief teaser below:

Had NBC not stepped in, the end of season 5, ‘Jake & Amy,’ would have served as a heartfelt farewell to the series, albeit one that left one huge question unanswered: Did Captain Holt get the promotion to commissioner he’d been hoping for? Though the teaser (mercifully) doesn’t reveal how things turned out for Holt, it does hint that fans won’t have to wait around long for an answer. What’s interesting about the teaser is that it seemingly goes both ways. Jake’s happy dance seems to suggest his surrogate father figure will be the new NYPD commissioner, while the response of everyone else (Holt included) may indicate things didn’t go so well for him. 

Either way, the teaser brings good new for viewers, as it once again confirms the show’s status among NBC’s very strong comedy lineup, and it also provides some clues as to where the show will pick up once season 6 premieres in 2019. 

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine will reportedly premiere in January, 2019 on NBC.

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