Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 to Premiere in January, Says Terry Crews

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 will premiere on NBC in January 2019, according to costar Terry Crews. The cult detective comedy series was cancelled by FOX after five seasons earlier this year and, for a moment, was seemingly doomed to meet a premature end. Fortunately, NBC then stepped in and officially added the show to its comedy lineup - a roster that already includes the fantasy series The Good Place from Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator and showrunner Michael Schur.

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 will be significantly shorter than seasons past, the show's creatives aren't banking on it being the final season either. NBC has even gone ahead and expanded its original 13 episode order to 18 episodes, suggesting that the network is confident about how season 6 is shaping up, as well as the show's future in general. B99 fans may not have to wait too much longer to be reunited with Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, and the rest of the NYPD's 99th precinct either, if Crews is to be believed.

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Crews, who plays Sgt. Terrance "Terry" Jeffords on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, took to Instagram Live this week to reveal that season 6 will premiere on NBC this January, at an as-yet unspecified date. You can watch part of his announcement, below (via Brooklyn 99 Updates):

While The Wrap was unable to confirm this news after reaching out to NBC, one of their sources is reporting that the network will announce the official return date for Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the foreseeable future. It's been confirmed for awhile now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 would be a midseason premiere and begin airing on NBC in 2019, so a January launch date seems believable enough. If that is, in fact, the plan, then a formal announcement may arrive as soon as November (if not within the next week, now that Crews has let the cat partially out of the bag).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine continued to earn strong reviews throughout its fifth season, which only further raises expectations for the show's premiere on NBC next year. Season 5 was particularly groundbreaking for including a storyline in which the character Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) came out as bisexual to her coworkers, and continued to evolve the TV series in other respects, like having Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) get both engaged and, during the season 5 finale, ultimately married (in spite of a bomb threat at their wedding). Suffice it to say, it will be exciting to see what season 6 has in store for B99 fans, whenever it premieres.

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We will bring you more Brooklyn Nine-Nine news as it becomes available.

Source: Terry Crews, The Wrap

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