Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Expands From 13 to 18 Episodes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will get to spend even more time with their favorite zany detectives when the show returns next year, thanks to NBC having added an extra five episodes to the upcoming season 6. The cult comedy series had aired on FOX for five seasons before it was cancelled earlier this year - only to then be rescued by NBC (the same network that nearly picked up the show's pilot, back in 2012), at the eleventh hour.

Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur (the latter of whom also developed NBC's fantasy comedy The Good Place), Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the misadventures of the various detectives that make up Brooklyn's 99th precinct. By the time season 5 had drawn to a close this past May, longtime coworkers turned lovers Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) had gotten married and the Nine-New team was left waiting to find out if their beloved Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) is the NYPD's new Chief Commissioner, in a cliffhanger ending.

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While Brooklyn Nine-Nine loyalists still have to wait until the 2018-2019 midseason to get some firm resolution to that matter, there's already good news to report when it comes to season 6. According to Deadline, NBC has gone ahead and expanded the season from its original 13 episode order to 18 episodes. That suggests the network intends to give the series a big push when it premieres, thus improving its chances of avoiding cancellation for another year and living on for a seventh season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Poster

Although it's generally an episodic workplace comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always included overarching character threads (case in point: Jake and Amy's romance) and has even explored multi-episode plotlines in the past - like when Jake and Stephanie Beatriz's Detective Rosa Diaz were in prison, at the beginning of season 5. It's certainly possible that season 6's episode count was expanded to accommodate such a multi-part narrative and/or because the show's writing staff has come up with even more promising one-off episode concepts than expected.

Either way, more Brooklyn Nine-Nine is certainly nothing to complain about. The series has never struggled to fill out its 22-episode seasons in the past and there are plenty of relevant topics for the show to tackle when it returns (like the #MeToo movement, which Goor has confirmed is being "actively" discussed by the series' writers). Plus, between Jake and Amy getting married, Holt possibly becoming the new commissioner and Rosa coming out as bisexual, season 5 left plenty of plot threads dangling for season 6 to pick up and run with.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 premieres midseason on NBC in 2018-2019.

Source: Deadline

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