Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Moments That Prove Raymond Holt & Kevin Cozner Are Couple Goals

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the healthiest set of relationships you'll ever see on TV. It's nice to see a relationship thrive without having any drama involved. While Jake & Amy were intended to be the main relationship of the comedy sitcom, there is another couple who have stolen the fans' hearts: Kevin & Holt.

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It's hard to pick a favorite scene when there are several moments that have proven the pair to be ultimate couple goals. Ranging from Holt (Andre Braugher) cooking Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) breakfast to the couple's Saratoga trip, here are 10 moments that prove they are couple goals.

10 The Portrait Of Holt (S1 Ep4)

In the episode "M.E. Time", Holt resents having his portrait on the wall and throws it in the trash can. Amy (Melissa Fumero) realizes he is having a bad day and asks Terry (Terry Crews) to paint another portrait of Holt to cheer him up. It turns out that Holt hated the picture of himself because he believed he had to earn the place on the wall.

It is later in the episode that Holt accepts Terry's oil painting. He says he will give it to Kevin since he's wanted a picture with Holt looking happy. Fans can then see the painting sitting in the back of Kevin's office ("The Party").

9 Kevin Worries About Holt's Colleagues (S1 Ep16)

In the episode "The Party", fans meet Kevin for the first time at Holt's birthday celebration. Here, he reveals to the squad how the couple first met and what drew him to the Captain in the first place. However, the couple get into a mini-argument over the squad's presence at the party.

Jake (Andy Samberg) decides to visit Kevin's office to discuss why he didn't want them at the house. Kevin reveals that he didn't like it when Holt was disrespected and marginalized by the NYPD because of his sexuality. He worries that it could happen again. The squad then arrange another dinner for the couple to enjoy.

8 Holt Cooks Breakfast For Kevin (S2 Ep9)

In "The Road Trip" Holt asks Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) if he could help him cook breakfast for Kevin since it is their anniversary. Holt spends the rest of the episode experimenting with different foods and dishes with Boyle.

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After having a culinary disagreement with Boyle, Holt tells him that he read his blog. Holt compliments Boyle's post that discussed how food can tell a story. He tells Boyle he made Kevin a Croque Monsieur, which was a meal the couple shared on their first anniversary. "It's one of our treasured memories," the Captain says, adding that Kevin had enjoyed and appreciated the gesture.

7 Kevin Finds Out Holt Was Stabbed (S2 Ep16)

In "The Wednesday Incident", fans learn more about Kevin as he helps Gina (Chelsea Peretti) and Jake find out why Holt was in a bad mood. Kevin is key to their investigation as he recognizes Holt's favorite places and moods; fans learn "a hard-boiled egg yolk" is Holt's good-mood food.

Kevin is hurt when he realizes Holt lied to him as they have an open and honest relationship. He is furious when he finds out Holt had been stabbed, berating his husband for concealing the truth. Holt also reveals he was frustrated to lie to Kevin even though he was doing it to protect him. It proves the key to their successful marriage is honesty.

6 Holt's Speech At The Boyle-Linetti Wedding (S2 Ep17)

In the "Boyle-Linetti Wedding", Holt is asked to minister the ceremony by Gina. The episode is comedy gold as Holt attempts to write a speech, comparing love to oatmeal. Although Terry tries to inspire him, the words come naturally to Holt when he spots Kevin amongst the guests. Holt admits he said what he wanted to hear at his wedding.

Holt and Kevin then discuss their wedding, with the Captain admitting he wouldn't mind having more of a festive wedding. Kevin seems to like the idea.

5 Gertie's Origin Story (S3 Ep7)

"The Mattress" sees another aspect of Holt and Kevin's relationship revealed when we meet 'Gertie'. Gertie is a car and Holt's pride and joy. He reveals Gertie's origin story after finding out about Jake's relationship problems.

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When they first started dating, Kevin was teaching at a college that was 2 hours away by bus or train. Holt reveals that it was only 30 minutes by car, but he was hesitant to invest in the vehicle; however, Kevin showed up at Holt's place with Gertie. The Captain admits he's grateful that Kevin "took the leap", regretting that he didn't do it first.

4 The Monty Hall Problem (S4 Ep8)

The episode "Skyfire Cycle" shows Holt and Kevin in the middle of a fight. It's probably one of the funniest arguments on television as they ask Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Amy to help them solve 'The Monty Hall problem'. When Amy admits Kevin is right, Holt fires Amy.

The argument carries over into the next shift, where fans see Kevin and Holt being 'snide' with each. However, it is Rosa who figures out what the issue is really about. With their changing schedules, Holt and Kevin are frustrated because they miss each other. When Holt realizes this, the couple stops fighting.

3 The Saratoga Springs Trip (S5 Ep7)

The episode "Two Turkeys" sees another Holt and Kevin centered plot. Kevin reveals to the squad that he and Holt drive upstate every year to pick up an English walnut pie from the Cottage Inn. It's "the finest sweet treat on Earth," he says.

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When the pie goes missing, Holt is determined to find out the culprit. When he finds out it was Kevin, Holt realizes his husband hates the pie but was trying to protect his feelings. Kevin also reveals he loves their annual trips as he enjoys the silent drives. When Holt suggests they could still go, Kevin finds the prospect of going on a trip with no purpose exciting.

2 Kevin Saves Holt (S5 Ep12)

The episode "Safe House" sees Jake and Kevin's relationship grow as they are placed in protection. Holt orders the squad to collect Kevin from his workplace as the Captain had been threatened by crime-boss, Seamus Murphy (Paul Adelstein). Kevin and Holt fight as Holt's overprotective nature begins to grate on everyone's nerves.

However, Kevin soon becomes upset when Holt is taken by Murphy's crew. Kevin refuses to drive back to the safe house and abandon his husband. Surprisingly, he saves Holt when he knocks down one of the crew members and punches Murphy in the throat. The couple proves they are perfect for one another with their "dirt-bag" explanations.

1 Kevin Defends Holt To His Colleagues (S6 Ep13)

"The Bimbo" sees Kevin ask Jake to investigate a robbery at his university. Kevin says he would have asked Holt if he didn't let his relationship with Kevin affect his judgments. Holt reveals to Jake that Kevin is embarrassed by him because of the "St Augustine incident".

The episode explores Holt's insecurities regarding his relationship with Kevin. He believes that Kevin will leave him for not being intelligent enough. However, Kevin stands up for Holt when the Dean keeps reminding everyone of the incident. Kevin says Holt inspires him because he uses his intelligence to make the world a better place.

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