Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 & The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Confirmed

Fans of top-quality sitcoms were dealt a blow last year when Parks and Recreation wrapped up its 7-season run. Luckily, Parks co-creator Michael Schur and screenwriter Dan Goor teamed up for another sitcom about a lovable group of government employees who seem to get along really well, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the apocalyptic comedy The Last Man on Earth anchored FOX's Sunday night live-action sitcom until recently, when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was moved to Tuesday nights instead. Time slot shifts can often be the kiss of death for TV shows -- just ask FOX's short-lived and little-loved sitcom Mulaney, which was moved from Sundays at 9:30pm to the unenviable time slot of Sundays at 7:30pm before getting the axe. Luckily, neither Brooklyn Nine-Nine nor Last Man on Earth will be sharing its fate.

FOX announced via press release today that both series have been renewed, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine picked up for its fourth season and Last Man on Earth for its third. David Madden, FOX's president of entertainment offered praise for the shows:

“We’re so proud of these comedies. Each has its own unique voice, but they both boast terrific ensembles with stand-out characters and, of course, phenomenal writing, which are the hallmarks of all great comedies. We'd like to thank the executive producers, casts and crews of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and THE LAST MAN ON EARTH for their tremendous work this season, and look forward to what’s in store next year.”

Will Forte and Kristen Schaal as Phil and Carol in The Last Man on Earth season 2 premiere2

Last Man on Earth was created by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo responsible for The Lego Movie as well as the big-screen comedic reboot of 21 Jump Street and its sequel, 22 Jump Street. They will also be directing the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie and have another series for FOX in the works titled Son of Zorn, which will be a hybrid live action and animated series about a legendary warrior forced to live in the suburbs. In other words, they have a lot of work on their plates.

While not every worthwhile sitcom can make the cut, it's nice to see FOX sticking by shows as high quality as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man on Earth, the latter of which in particular could not have been an easy sell for network TV executives. Hopefully, the equally quirky-sounding Son of Zorn will see similar success after it debuts sometime during the 2016-2017 season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return Tuesday, March 29 at 9:00pm with 'Paranoia,' and Last Man on Earth will return on Sunday, April 3 with 'Fish in the Dish.'

Source: FOX

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