Annihilation’s Gina Rodriguez to Guest Star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of the award-winning Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine - potentially as the love interest of Rosa Diaz. The show, now in its fifth season, tells the story of the NYPD detectives in Brooklyn's 99th precinct lead by Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher). Some impressive and hilarious actors have guest starred in the past including Fred Armisen, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Maya Rudolph, Nathan Fillion, and Bradley Whitford. This Is Us Emmy and Golden Globe winner Sterling K. Brown is also set to appear later this season as a suspect in a murder case.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has won critical acclaim and awards for not just its cast's stellar performances, but the ability to mix comedy and serious topics. The show tackles racism and the issues facing the LGBT community with honesty, openness, and a sense of humor. Most recently in the show's 99th episode, titled "99", the character of Rosa Diaz played by Stephanie Beatriz came out as bisexual. The subsequent episode had Rosa breaking the news to her traditional parents, played by Danny Trejo and Olga Merediz. Both episodes were handled in a very realistic and sensitive way that fans appreciated, with a great performance by Beatriz.

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According to EW, Rodriguez may be appearing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to play Rosa's girlfriend. No details about Rodriguez's role were confirmed, but she had expressed interest in playing Rosa's love interest on Twitter after the show's executive producer Dan Goor said that Rosa's girlfriend would appear in an episode of the show. EW confirmed Rodriguez is set to appear in one episode. Terry Crews posted a picture on Instagram breaking the news, but it has since been deleted. Take a look at a screenshot of the post:

It has been an amazing year already for Rodriguez. Besides continuing her starring role in Jane the Virgin, this season she also directed her first episode. She had a lead role in the creepy sci-fi thriller Annihilation directed by Alex Garland. She is also set to produce and star in the romantic comedy Someone Great for Netflix directed by Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. This doesn't even include voicing the lead role in the animated series Carmen Sandiegoalso on Netflix.

If Rodriguez is to play a love interest for Beatriz, it would be an important step forward for representation. Bisexual characters on television are rare and bisexual Latinx characters are even rarer. Having two Latina women in a relationship would just add to Brooklyn Nine-Nine's already strong commitment to on screen diversity and storytelling. It's a good start, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine shouldn't have to bear all the burden of bringing diversity - and hilarity - to the small screen.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox this spring.

Source: EW

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