Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 5 Of The Best (& 5 Worst) Relationships

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most hilarious, well-written shows on TV right now. In its six seasons on the air, it has boasted a diverse cast of lovable characters, and several captivating relationships.

Funny, heartwarming, charming, and endearing, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is, in every way, outstanding. The character and relationship development on this show demonstrates strong writing in departments that most shows lack.

The series has featured several relationships, both good and bad, but always memorable. Let's review 5 of the best relationships on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 5 of the worst.

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The fact that this was perhaps one of the funniest storylines in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, doesn't reduce the cringe-factor that surrounded this entire relationship.

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Gina constantly ridiculed Charles for his eccentric personality. The two had a love-hate relationship, but never really seemed to be friends. This is why it was surprising when the show revealed the two were having a love affair on the side. This relationship was short-lived but hilarious nonetheless. What made matters even funnier is the fact that Charles and Gina become "siblings" when their parents get married, and Gina is forced to be a part of the Boyle family and their odd traditions.


For someone whose going "Full Boyle" ruined almost all of his relationships, when Charles finally found a kindred spirit, it was very satisfying. He had been through his share of rough romances by the time he met Genevieve in season 3.

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The two share many weird quirks which makes them completely perfect for each other. They have similar and strange personalities and are very compatible. In season 4, Genevieve and Charles adopt their son, Nikolaj, from Latvia. The three of them are now an adorably weird family, with Charles finally having found his soulmate.


Rosa and Adrian seemed to be a good match in the beginning, being as alike as they were. And that, ultimately, ended up being the problem with their relationship. The perplexing way they flirted with each other became excessively weird.

It might have been cute in small doses to watch their extremely cringey terms of endearment, but this relationship got old fast. Rosa and Adrian were dating on and off over the course of two seasons. They finally ended things in season 5, proving that Rosa's character is much better off without Adrian Pimento.


Terry and Sharon are one of the longterm couples on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and certainly one of the cutest. Having been married for years, the couple has three children. Though Sharon doesn't appear often on the show, her and Terry's relationship is nonetheless endearing.

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Their twin girls, Cagney and Lacey, are named after the stars of the 1980s police procedural show that featured two female detectives - which is adorable. Terry and Sharon have a very loving relationship, and despite her limited appearances, this is evident in many of Terry's storylines.


The fact that these two began a relationship in the midst of all the Jake-Amy drama wasn't even the biggest reason why their relationship was one of the worst on the show. Sophia is a defense attorney and Jake is a detective, so their professional lives clashed a lot.

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This relationship was never a fan-favorite, as Jake and Sophia were mostly just bad for each other. Their romance was messy and they both caused problems for each other. Their eventual breakup in the episode, "Windbreaker City", was a relief for everyone.


It was one of the most iconic moments of the series when Rosa Diaz came out as bisexual. This is a storyline that most shows would have just lightly touched on, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine dove right in, proving once again what a progressive show it is.

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Rosa and Jocelyn began dating in season 6, and are in the early stages of their relationship. They have not gotten very much screen time yet, but the romance seems promising and endearing.


Charles and Eleanor was possibly the most abusive relationship ever portrayed on the show. Throughout their relationship, Eleanor abused Charles in almost every way - to Jake and everyone in the precinct's utter horror.

Eleanor Horstweil was Charles' wife. In season 2, it was revealed that Charles was living in Eleanor and her new fiance's (hilariously named Hercules Thikalanos) basement. This wasn't even the worst part of this incredibly sad storyline for Charles, as the extent of Eleanor's abuse is revealed throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Eleanor cheated on Charles with "Sleepy Stu", a star of mattress commercials. She only allows him access to their shared beach house in December through February. Charles even disturbingly, subconsciously calls her "mommy". This relationship was horrific, but finally, Eleanor's cruel antics ended in season 3.


These monotone, deadpan dads are the most iconic in TV history. Kevin and Holt's relationship has been present ever since the very beginning of the series. Since then, viewers have gone on a journey with them, witnessing their unique love language.

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Holt and Kevin love and care for each other deeply, and what makes them even more special is their unique way of expressing affection. They understand each other like no one else could, which makes them completely perfect for each other.


This relationship had just about everything against it, from the fact that it was just a "midship" that took place just before Jake and Amy's relationship, to the fact that Teddy was absolutely boring and unlikable.

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Teddy and Amy dated for a while in season 1, before ending their relationship when Teddy was stationed in Queens. Later, they rekindled their relationship and dated for several months. They broke up in season 2, as Amy had enough of Teddy's dull personality and infatuation with pilsners.


Jake and Amy's love story is probably one of the most well-written on television. It conveys what a healthy romantic relationship should look like.

From the beginning of the show, Jake and Amy had a competitive relationship. In the early seasons, they were often placing bets against each other and competing to see who could solve the most cases. Their playful bickering blossomed into a close friendship. In season 3, they began dating. Ever since then, the audience got to witness the beautiful milestones of their relationship, including their engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. Jake and Amy are definitely perfect for each other and one of the best parts of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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