Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Best Episodes, According to IMDb


It is so incredibly easy to get hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and binge the hell out of it. The sad part is, you run out of episodes pretty fast. Currently, the show has six seasons with the seventh scheduled for midseason. Now, if you're anything like us, and waiting til midseason to get your necessary dose of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is downright impossible, you can always sit down and enjoy some of the show's best episodes.

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In case you can't decide which ones to rewatch, we have here the top ten highest-rated Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, according to IMDb, to get you started. So, check out these hilarious episodes and keep on watching. By the time you're done, you'll be saying Fremulon instead of goodbye.

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Hitchcock and Scully always find ways to amaze us. However, we’ve never been as surprised as when we saw the pair kicking butt in the 1980s. In the season six episode “Hitchcock & Scully”, Detectives Peralta and Boyle investigate a case that Hitchcock and Scully worked in the 1980s and thus uncover some fascinating details about the Nine-Nine’s oldest detectives.

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Turns out, Hitchcock and Scully used to be the studs of the Nine-Nine. They were competent, respected, and hot (portrayed by Wyatt Nash and Alan Ritchson). Interestingly enough, it was this very drug case that irrevocably changed their lives. After all, no good deed goes unpunished. Meanwhile, the upstairs and downstairs people, led by Terry and Rosa on one side, and Amy on the other side, fight over the microwave and space in general, and Gina has her fifteen minutes of fame doing a TV interview and asking the real question “what are police”. The episode has an 8.9 score and it will be remembered as "The One with Young Hitchcock and Scully".



The ninth-highest-rated episode on IMDb is the season one finale “Charges and Specs” with a 9.0 rating. In this episode, Jake Peralta gets in trouble for poking his nose into the business of a civic leader Lucas Wint. He gets suspended but continues working the case with the help of Santiago and Holt, and, soon enough, they discover it is much bigger than they thought.

Jake gets fake-fired from the NYPD and goes undercover, to work for the Ianucci crime family. But, before he leaves, he finally admits to Amy that he has feelings for her. Or, as he put it, in the most adorable Jake Peralta way possible: that he’d like something to happen between them “romantic-styles”. Meanwhile, Boyle (recently dumped by Vivian) wakes up in bed with Gina. Hell of a way to end the first season.



Continuing the annual Halloween tradition, in the fifth episode of season three, Jake Peralta and Captain Holt set out to once again prove who deserves the title of “amazing detective/genius”. This time around they divide the precinct into teams. Holt, Terry, and Gina on one side, and Jake, Rosa, and Boyle on the other side.

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And since no side trusts Amy (because she’s Jake’s girlfriend and Holt’s pet detective/student) she gets left out of this year's heist. But, the joke’s on them because Amy manages to fool them all and pull off an incredible heist that no one saw coming almost singlehandedly. “Halloween III” is fun, exciting, and hilarious, and has an IMDb score of 9.0.



“Johnny and Dora” known as the episode in which Amy and Jake kiss to maintain their cover but then also totally kiss for real, as in romantic-styles, is the season two finale and it is the seventh-highest-rated Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode on IMDb. As the title of the episode suggests, Jake and Amy become Johnny and Dora when they go undercover to catch an identity thief.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt takes one for the team, accepting Wuntch’s offer to head the Public Relations to prevent Wuntch from dismantling the Nine-Nine. “Johnny and Dora” upended the Nine-Nine by resolving the will they/won't they between Jake and Amy and leaving the Nine-Nine without its beloved Captain. This huge cliffhanger earned it a score of 9.1.



And what’s better than the season two finale? Well, the season three finale, of course. In “Greg and Larry” the Nine-Nine has to work around the clock to accomplish a singular mission: Stop Bob, who is revealed to be a traitor, and get the files they need to take down Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis for good.

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While they succeed at stopping Bob in time and getting information out of him by staging an attack on Rosa’s apartment, where they took Bob for interrogation, Figgis remains at large. What’s even worse, he threatens the lives of Jake and Holt, forcing them into witness protection. The last shot reveals Holt, now Greg, and Jake, now Larry, living in Coral Palms, Florida. “Greg and Larry” shook up the status quo and left us with an interesting cliffhanger, and got a 9.1 rating for doing its job right.



In the season six finale, the amazing detective/genius Jake Peralta comes up with yet another one of his intricate plans to take down the bad guy and save the day. Jake gathers the Nine-Nine’s biggest enemies, Wuntch and the Vulture, together with everyone’s biggest enemy CJ, to form the Suicide Squad, which will be tasked with taking down Commissioner Kelly and his unconstitutional Stingray system.

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From the onset, it’s clear to pretty much everyone that Jake’s brilliant plan is set up to fail. Because, of course, CJ’s stupidity will get in the way. And, of course, the Vulture will turn on them. And, of course, Holt and Wuntch’s rivalry will be stronger than any common agenda they may have. So, when the reality falls short from the expectations it's expected, yet hilarious at the same time. But when everything all finally comes together it's a satisfying and earned win. Also, Terry's denial about being in denial is another hilarious highlight of this truly amazing Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode that holds a score of 9.2.



Jake and Amy planned the perfect wedding, however, when the day finally came, things didn’t quite go according to plan. First, Amy’s veil gets ruined and their ring bearer gets chickenpox. And, then, someone calls in a bomb threat at the venue, forcing everyone to evacuate. To make matters worse, the leader of the anti-bomb squad is Amy’s ex-boyfriend Teddy who’s still very much in love with her.

But, with everyone working hard, the Nine-Nine manages to catch the culprit and save the wedding. Boyle takes charge and organizes a beautiful wedding ceremony in front of the precinct. Even Hitchcock and Scully prove helpful when they bring a talented musician to play at the ceremony. Terry operates a robot ring bearer, and Jake and Amy are married by Captain Holt. The Peraltiago wedding is a fan-favorite with a 9.3 IMDb score.



How do you do the traditional Halloween heist episode when the show doesn’t go on air until midseason? Well, you make it a Cinco de Mayo heist. It’s safe to say, we were all relieved to see that the spirit of the Halloween heist lives on despite the change in network and schedule.

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"Cinco de Mayo", which has a 9.3 IMDb score, is the third-highest-rated episode. The Nine-Nine decided to have the Halloween heist on Cinco de Mayo, in order to distract Terry from his upcoming lieutenant’s exam. At this point, the Halloween heist is much bigger than Holt and Jake’s rivalry. This year, even Kevin joined in, Scully's twin brother got mixed up in it, and Cheddar once again played a crucial role. It’s anyone’s game really, and Terry proved it by orchestrating a truly genius long con to finally win the title of “the ultimate human being/genius”.



The second-best Halloween heist episode and the second-highest-rated Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode overall (IMDb score 9.5) is the fourth episode of season five, titled “HalloVeen”. The fifth Halloween heist episode is, of course, especially significant because of Jake’s proposal. But, it says a lot about the quality of writing this show has when the writers managed to craft a Halloween heist with all of its twists, turns, and endless fun, and still make the proposal storyline work and blend in seamlessly.

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However, that’s just one of the many awesome parts that make up this virtually perfect episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The twists and turns are incredibly well written, smart, and funny. Everyone gets their moment to shine, even Hitchcock and Scully in their own creepy way.



The highest-rated Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, with a score of 9.5, “The Box” is one of the finest examples of how to do a bottle episode right. Guest-starring Sterling K. Brown, who was nominated for an Emmy for his performance, this season five episode is set almost entirely in interrogation room C, where Detective Peralta and Captain Holt spend the entire night interrogating a dentist called Phillip Davidson (Brown), the prime suspect in the murder of his business partner.

Strategy after strategy, Jake and Holt fail to coax a confession out of Davidson, who appears to be perfectly in control of the situation. In the end, Jake does get a confession out of Davidson by playing on his arrogance. Because, like a certain someone we all know, Davidson needs everyone to know just how smart he is. So, when Jake suggests that he is sloppy and just got lucky, Davidson gets upset and confesses everything to the last detail about his perfect crime.

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