Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Reasons Why Kevin & Holt's Relationship Is Goals

One of the most iconic things about light-hearted yet progressive Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the fact that Captain Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner is their power couple.

Even now, when LGBTQ+ representation on television has come a long way, stereotypes and offensive jokes still maintain a major presence, especially in sitcoms. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the few exceptions. Now on its sixth season, this series has been breaking stereotypes and taking minority representation to new levels, setting the bar high for every series that will follow in its footsteps.

The relationship between husbands Raymond and Kevin is one of the most pivotal examples of this. Let's explore some of the reasons why this power couple should be everyone's couple goals.

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10 They Find Each Other Hilarious


One of the most notable things about Captain Holt is his iconic deadpan humor. He has coined some of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's most famous, hilarious one-liners, making them all the more wonderful with his robot-like delivery. This means that even when Holt is joking, his voice is monotone.

The fact that Kevin shares this trait makes it even better. When one or both of them is sharing a humorous anecdote, everyone except the two of them is oblivious. They are so perfect for each other, that they are the only people who understand each other's humor. And they love it.

9 They Have Their Own Language

Kevin and Holt's love language isn't just exclusive to their humor.

With both of them speaking monotonously through almost every aspect of life, this is often entertaining to watch, but it also makes them very endearing as a couple. They are often the only ones who understand each other. For instance, to Kevin and Holt, a dirtbag is a very useful part of a vacuum cleaner, not an insult. These two have been shown to have extensive conversations about things like math, grammar, and even the opera - while other characters remain on the outside of these exchanges - which is a clever way of portraying them being in their own little world together.

8 Their Parenting Skills

Though they have no kids, many things about Kevin and Holt are indicative that they are the world's best dads. Including but not limited to their relationship with the precinct - most notably Jake - Kevin and Holt are also dog dads to Cheddar the corgi.

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Watching Kevin and Holt show their fatherly sides when it comes to their friends and their dog is always adorable. Several members of the precinct - including both Jake and Amy - have referred to Holt and Kevin as their dads on multiple occasions. The fact that these two have such a healthy, close relationship serves to make them excellent "parents" to so many.

7 Safe House

This season 5 episode was a significant one for Kevin and Holt's relationship. Not only was it hilarious, but it also heavily highlighted just how protective Holt was over his husband. Over the course of the episode, with the threat of some pretty dangerous people coming after Kevin, Holt makes Jake and Kevin hide out in a secluded cabin. This means that Kevin has to endure many weeks with Jake. To make it worse, Holt makes them both abide by a series of ridiculous rules, taking extreme precaution to avoid being spotted, even in the safety of the cabin.

The episode tests Kevin and Holt's relationship, but in the end, only makes it stronger, and shows that these two are very protective of one another, and cannot live without each other.

6 Gertie The Car

Early on in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Holt tells Jake the story of Gertie when Jake wants advice for his relationship with Amy.

In the early stages of Holt and Kevin's relationship, both of them were hesitant to buy a car together because they were afraid of showing how much they cared. In the end, Kevin was the one to take the leap, and he bought Gertie. Holt confesses to Jake that he wishes that he himself was the one to buy the car, conveying how important his relationship with Kevin is. This marked a significant milestone in their relationship, and once again showcased -  in a very Kevin-and-Holt way - just how must these two mean to each other.

5 Their Wedding

When Kevin and Holt got married, gay marriage had just been legalized, so the ceremony was hasty as they weren't sure how long the new law would last. In a flashback scene, their wedding is shown to be quick and unceremonious.

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Since this was a wedding unfit for their beautiful relationship, Holt proposes that they do a vow renewal someday. Kevin agrees, but says that he doesn't regret their wedding at all, stating, "I never would have heard your hilarious efficient/officiant quip". A second wedding is still something that many fans are hoping to see, so it's very possible that Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers will eventually come through with the highly anticipated Kevin-Holt wedding.

4 Their Unique Affectionate Ways

This is another important feature of Holt and Kevin's relationship. Their language of love isn't just limited to the way they speak to each other, but it's also present in how they show affection.

They are rarely seen touching, so their emotional familiarity appears to play a more consequential role than physical familiarity in their relationship. Though this may be unconventional, viewers are given several indicators of how much Kevin and Holt love each other. Said indicators just look different than other relationships, but are no less significant. Their relationship is unlike any other on the show, but that is what makes it so special.

3 Everyone Looks Up To Them

It's not a wonder that everyone in the precinct regards Kevin and Holt as mentors.

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To Amy, they are her work dads and she loves and worships them greatly. To Jake, whose parents never had a healthy relationship, Kevin and Holt fill that missing role for him. Holt even officiated Jake and Amy's wedding. Jake has been shown to think of Kevin and Holt as his dads many times, but he also loves their relationship. In "Safe House", Jake goes out of his way to help the two because he can't stand the thought of them getting divorced. To him, and many others, Kevin and Holt have a perfect relationship. These two have no lack of supporters in their friends, which is beautiful to see.

2 They're Completely In Sync

It's notable that Kevin and Holt are probably the most in-sync couple in television history. These two seem to always know what each other are thinking, and have been shown to even speak in-sync.

This is a very endearing point to their relationship, as they clearly know each other better than anyone else. It's almost as if they are in each other's heads, and that type of familiarity is rarely portrayed on TV, especially in a gay couple. Kevin and Holt have made history in many ways, and their incredible synchronization is just one of them.

1 They Are Soulmates

You'd be hard-pressed to find a couple more perfect for each other. Every facet of Kevin and Holt's relationship is complex, endearing, and well-written.

They are a pivotal part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and they are a couple that the world of television has needed for a long time. Not only are Kevin and Holt's exchanges often hilarious to watch, but they are also always equal parts lovable and captivating. Brooklyn Nine-Nine would certainly not be as successful as it is today without this power couple, and Kevin and Holt should really be relationship goals for every viewer.

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