10 Sassiest Gina Linetti Quotes From Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you asked her, Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine would tell you that she is many things. A dancer. A star. And the most perfect goddess that has ever existed. Gina has ego for days and isn't afraid to let people know what she thinks about them. Whether it's her dismissal of Amy and Charles or her scathing take downs of Terry, Jake, and Holt, she has a sassy comment for any situation. While Chelsea Peretti departed the show in season seven, Gina's impact will be felt for the show's entire run. As such, for the common masses, here are the 10 sassiest Gina Linetti quotes from the show. You're welcome.

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10 "I won't check it."

It's Gina's phone. Leave me a voice-mail. I won't check it 'cause it's not 1993.

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If there's one thing Gina is obsessed with more than Beyoncé or fame, it's her phone. Because she is a social media savant, she is quick to use her phone in a variety of ways to shame or embarrass the officers of the Nine-Nine. That being said, she's also quick to remind others that she has no obligation to respond back to them. Gina works on her time and her schedule, and if people don't like it, then that's just too bad for them.

9 "Why don't you just do the right thing..."

Jake, why don't you just do the right thing and jump out a window? Captain Holt will never fire me if he knows I'm mourning the death of a close friend.

While it's not brought up often, one of the more interesting character dynamics is between Jake and Gina. The two have known each other their entire lives, and are the closest thing the two have to siblings. While Gina may know Jake better than almost anyone, it doesn't mean she's above exploiting that relationship to get what she wants. Despite caring for him, Gina would still somewhat selfishly put her own interests and well being above her friends.

8 "Why be honest?"

The only reason I didn't tell you is I don't value you as people, so why be honest?

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Gina doesn't have time for social niceties or pleasant conversation. She is someone who considers her time to be extremely valuable, and doesn't have time to play at being nice. She will tell Amy or Charles to their face how much she dislikes them, and isn't afraid of telling random strangers what she feels about them as well. While it saves her time from having to put up with someone she doesn't care for, it certainly doesn't earn her many favors either.

7 "I was born for politics."

You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying.

Gina is confident in her abilities to perform. Oftentimes, this confidence is extremely misplaced and overinflated. That still doesn't stop Gina from wanting to do whatever she sets her mind to. Whether it's being a dancer, app developer, campaign manager, or mother, Gina believes she will be the best in that field no matter what. While sometimes her abilities don't match her confidence, more often than not she surprises the officers and detectives of the Nine-Nine.

6 "Not to brag..." don't wanna start a battle of the wills with Gina Linetti because you will emerge from that battle a broken man. Not to brag, but I was name-checked in my kindergarten teacher's suicide note.

While Gina is kind and supportive to the people she cares about, she is downright ruthless to the people she hates or dislikes. Her ability to tear down the confidence (and sanity) of most people borders occasionally on psychopathic. In true Gina fashion though, she tends to walk along the razor's edge, never fully committing to being what might be viewed as cruel. Still, her take downs and insults can be extremely personal, making it that much harder if it's directed at someone she cares about.

5 "You think you can just bully people, but you can't."

You think you can just bully people, but you can't. It's not okay. I'm the bully around here. Ask anyone.

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Most people might shy away from being referred to as a bully. Not Gina. Gina delights in the status and power she has, knowing that people tend to give her what she wants as a result. While she never takes things TOO far, she's not above doing things like giving Amy coffee filled with cement and mocking or insulting Boyle.

4 "The only thing I'm not good at..."

The only thing I'm not good at is modesty, because I'm great at it.

Gina's insults and opinions of other people are often grounded in some kind of reality. When it comes to her though, Gina's ego causes her to massively inflate her own opinion of herself. Although she will admit mistakes or faults on occasion, there is almost always a hidden caveat that stops her from taking full responsibility. She truly believes can do no wrong, and while her confidence is admirable it also tends to be her downfall.

3 "Charles would be great."

I need someone to take this personality test for my psych class. I was hoping to wow my professor with a genuine psycho. Like Amy. Or Hitchcock. Or Charles would be great.

Even though Gina manages to display textbook narcissism, she still views the problems of other people to be more damning than her own. She views detectives like Hitchcock, Scully, Boyle, and Amy to be fundamentally flawed, especially since they don't act like her. While they all do have their own faults and vices, Gina is quick to remind them of how she views them all as slightly lesser, and how she is definitely better.

2 "My mother cried..."

My mother cried the day I was born, because she knew she would never be better than me.

Despite being described as "the complete overlap of Ego and Id", Gina is fine with how she treats people. She's not above admitting she's wrong or that she's made a mistake; it's just that those things rarely, if ever, happen. She manages to outwit an entire police precinct filled with detectives who underestimate her during one of the Halloween heists. While her comments may be eyebrow raising, it's hard to deny that she sometimes has a point with how great/brilliant/amazing/perfect/etc she is.

1 "Hi, Gina Linetti..."

Hi, Gina Linetti, the human form of the 100 Emoji.

Despite Gina's massive egocentric nature and devastating comments, it can't be denied that she does have a tenacity to her. She survived being hit by a bus and was back for work in a few weeks. When she feels like giving up or that she can't do something, she's quick to bolster herself back up and say that she CAN do it. She is tough, snide, and completely wrapped up in herself. But she is Gina Linetti, and she will use that same energy to bolster up others when she can and help them out. It's Gina's world, and we're all just living in it.

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