Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 9 Charles Boyle Quotes To Make You Cringe

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a hilarious, light-hearted show full of ridiculous but lovable characters. One of the things that makes the show so great is the friendships between the detectives and how they all support each other, well except for Hitchcock and Scully. While some of the characters might be weird, they are still adorable and likable. Charles Boyle is definitely one of those characters. He’s Peralta’s best friend and a decent detective and also a total nerd and kind of a weirdo.

Here are 9 of the best(cringiest) Charles Boyle quotes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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"I can't wait to see you, my luscious little breakfast quiche. I just want to draw you a bubbly bath and spoon-feed you caviar. I think we should open up a joint checking account. I love you."

If there’s one thing Charles Boyle is good at, it’s going overboard. He’s a very earnest person, which can be a pro as well as a con depending on the situation. When it comes to love and romance, Boyle can get a little too intense and invested right away, and that’s a bit of an understatement. In this quote, he leaves a message to a girl he’s been dating, and it’s clear he’s really showing the less favorable side of his earnest self. At least, he’s always really funny when he’s being cringey.


"Sexy train is leaving the station. Check out this caboose."

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Charles Boyle definitely isn’t the most traditionally sexy character on the show. But, that’s ok as it’s definitely hard to compete with characters like Rosa, Amy, and Jake. Although, even if he doesn’t have a lot of sex appeal or a cool factor, Boyle definitely doesn’t have a lot of shame, which is something to be admired. With this quote, he shows that confidence and his characteristic sassy attitude that fans have grown to love.


"You just graduated pie school, b******! Sorry I said b******. I'm just really worked up."

Charles Boyle definitely isn’t a sexist guy or a jerk, but sometimes he gets a little over excited. Ok, he definitely gets over excited about a lot of things quite often. In this quote, it’s easy to see how when he gets worked up he just lets his mouth run off the rails. But, there definitely is something funny about hearing him swear as he’s not very cool or much of a hardass in any way. He's definitely no Rosa, so swearing is mostly hilarious when he says it.

6 "HELP ME!"

Joe Lo Truglio Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Help me! I've gone full boyle!"

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This quote comes from the episode, “Full Boyle,” which clearly is a very Boyle-centric episode. In this episode, Boyle is being a little too much like himself while he starts dating Vivian Ludley. Peralta refers to this as him being full Boyle. Even Charles himself begins to recognize that he’s gone too far in this episode and needs to be reigned back in. He's even about to propose to Vivian way too early in their relationship, but luckily Jake's there to stop this and save the day.


Joe Lo Truglio Chelsea Peretti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Oh, I love Paris! At least how it's represented in the movie, Ratatouille." 

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If there's one thing that’s really true about Boyle, it’s that he’s a giant nerd. He gets very excited about a lot of quite nerdy things, and he’s just really not cool in any way. There are a lot of nerdy types on the show such as Amy and even Jake in his own way, but Boyle really takes the cake sometimes. This quote illustrates that Boyle’s perception of the world might not be really all that accurate, but it’s kind of adorable that he’s a Disney lover.


"And honestly, they're only seventh in mouth feel."

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Boyle is kind of a foodie, or at least he tries to be. With this quote, Boyle talks about “mouth feel” and Jake gets pretty freaked out, asking Boyle what that even means. Sometimes the way Boyle says stuff just makes you kind of cringe. He often says things that sound gross or a little inappropriate, and he doesn't even always realize that he’s making other people around him a bit uncomfortable.


"I think it's amazing. Jake and Baby and Amy makes three. I don't know if I believe in God, but I have prayed for this."

Charles Boye loves both Amy Santiago and Jake, and he’s a big fan of their relationship. Sometimes he is way too big of a fan of their relationship and even seems to think that he’s the third member of the couple sometimes. Jake and Amy don’t have a baby yet, but Boyle definitely wants them, too. He will definitely be way too invested in the pregnancy and child rearing of their child when/if Amy and Jake do decide to reproduce.


"What about me? What if something happens to Jake and he never gets to meet my baby? I don't want to hang out with some stupid baby who's never met Jake."

Charlie Boyle really loves Jake. Like really, really loves him. The two are best friends even if they seem very different in many ways. While Boyle can be a little too passionate and earnest about his relationship with Jake Peralta at times, there's no denying that their friendship is a very sweet and adorable one as they always have each other’s back. Boyle can be an obsessive guy, but he’s also extremely loyal to the people that he cares about.


"Eyes up here Gina, I'm more than just a piece of a**."

Gina Linetti is another character on the show that fans love, and she isn’t always a fan of how much of a dork Boyle is. Luckily, this doesn’t bother Boyle in the slightest as he’s not a man who is easily shamed. With this quote, Boyle reveals once again that he's self-confident in his appearance and who he is as a person. Boyle is unapologetically himself, and we wanted want him to ever be any other way.

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