Bronson - The Movie (No Not THAT Bronson)

Now a film titled Bronson has been made charting the life of the former boxer and career criminal - and surprisingly it looks quite good (in a darkly comedic way).

The Nicolas Winding Refn directed film stars Tom Hardy as Bronson, a criminal so thirsty for celebrity that he changed his name from Michael Peterson to Charles Bronson to gain attention and a greater tough guy reputation.

See the trailer below:


The film charts Bronson's (Peterson's) life from meek child to crazed thug via numerous crimes and arrests (starting in 1974) to his life incarceration. Bronson has faced such charges as: armed robbery, wounding with intent, criminal damage, grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment, blackmail, and threatening to kill.

Watch an Interview with star Tom Hardy:


Check out an interview with the Director – Nicolas Winding Refn


In the UK Bronson is something of a tabloid darling (if a criminal can be such a thing) - and this low budget film seems to be gaining some positive buzz. While the film does seem to glamorize Bronson's life it does appear to have a certain appeal - in a Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels sort of way.

Bronson (the film - not the man) will be released in the UK later this month and it will get a US release from Magnolia pictures this summer.

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