Bronson - The Movie (No Not THAT Bronson)

To many the name Charles Bronson brings up visions of The Great Escape or Death Wish. However if you happen to live in the United Kingdom then the name is synonymous with real life violence as Charles Bronson is the name of "most violent prisoner in Britain."

Now a film titled Bronson has been made charting the life of the former boxer and career criminal - and surprisingly it looks quite good (in a darkly comedic way).

The Nicolas Winding Refn directed film stars Tom Hardy as Bronson, a criminal so thirsty for celebrity that he changed his name from Michael Peterson to Charles Bronson to gain attention and a greater tough guy reputation.

See the trailer below:


The film charts Bronson's (Peterson's) life from meek child to crazed thug via numerous crimes and arrests (starting in 1974) to his life incarceration. Bronson has faced such charges as: armed robbery, wounding with intent, criminal damage, grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment, blackmail, and threatening to kill.

Watch an Interview with star Tom Hardy:


Check out an interview with the Director – Nicolas Winding Refn


In the UK Bronson is something of a tabloid darling (if a criminal can be such a thing) - and this low budget film seems to be gaining some positive buzz. While the film does seem to glamorize Bronson's life it does appear to have a certain appeal - in a Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels sort of way.

Bronson (the film - not the man) will be released in the UK later this month and it will get a US release from Magnolia pictures this summer.

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