Broken Matt Hardy is ‘Woken’ in Official WWE Debut

After his breakdown last Monday and a week of teasing it on Twitter, the WWE Universe was finally exposed to Woken Matt Hardy on Raw.

Matt Hardy has finally brought his "Broken" persona to the WWE, with a slight name change it appears.

When Matt and Jeff Hardy shocked the world at WrestleMania 33, it was one of the biggest moments of 2017. The multi-time Tag Team Champions were announced as the fourth team in the Tag Team Title match in Orlando and the pop that sounded around the stadium when their music hit was deafening. What was unclear at the time was which Hardys we were going to get, the veteran brothers from WWE days of old, or the Broken Hardys from TNA?

It turns out, it was the former, although that didn't stop fans speculating that we would eventually get the broken version of the pair. As time went on though, news of the legal issues between Matt Hardy and TNA began to surface. The veteran's former employers claimed that they owned the Broken gimmick and therefore would not allow him to use it in WWE.


Clearly, that is all water under the bridge now though, and last week we witnessed the beginnings of a breakdown. Matt Hardy lost to Bray Wyatt and something snapped in the mind of Hardy. He sat in the corner looking dejected as he began yelling the word delete over and over again, a signature trait of his time as The Broken One in TNA. In the week that followed, Hardy confirmed that he has returned to that state on Twitter and even introduced the WWE Universe to some of the cast of the Broken Universe.

Naturally, fans were waiting with baited breath this past Monday night to see what exactly WWE planned for Broken Matt. Well, first of all, they have tweaked the name. On their turf, he shall be known as "Woken" Matt. During the third hour of this week's Raw Hardy finally showed his face, interrupting a Bray Wyatt promo. Any fans who were worried about WWE not doing things right can rest easy now as Hardy was as Broken as he ever was while in TNA.

Hardy and Wyatt went back and forth and naturally, their characters bounced off of each other pretty well. The Eater Of Worlds has nothing on The Woken One though as Hardy began explaining to the WWE Universe exactly what him being Woken means, detailing information about his body merely being a vessel and the different people from throughout history he has clashed with. It made for an entertaining segment and was probably the highlight of this week's Raw.

So there you have it— confirmation beyond a shadow of a doubt that finally, Matt Hardy's Broken character is in the hands of WWE. The most promising part of the whole thing is that they are letting Hardy lead the way in terms of the character's presentation. Right now, it looks as if Hardy's Broken Brilliance could be as entertaining the second time around. First up for The Woken One, sentencing Bray Wyatt to deletion.


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