New 'Broken City' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Takes on Russell Crowe's Corrupt City

The TV trailer for 'Broken City' features Mark Wahlberg as an ex-cop going after the corrupt mayor (Russell Crowe) who doubled-crossed him.

Mark Wahlberg in Broken City

Mark Wahlberg's going to be showing up in several films next year, beginning with the Noir crime-drama Broken City from director Allen Hughes (working without his brother, Albert, for the first time) and costarring Oscar-winners Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Broken City trailer foreshadows Wahlberg's unscrupulous history and how it comes back to haunt him, after he's hired for a dubious job by Crowe's politician. Today, we have a new TV trailer that passes over that aspect of the film, in favor of teasing Wahlberg's quest for retribution (once he realizes he's been used, then doubled-crossed, by Crowe).

Wahlberg stars as Billy Taggart, a (former) respected New York police officer who now works as a private detective (with assistance from Natalie Martinez, End of Watch). Enter Crowe as NYC Mayor Nicholas Hostetler, an admired public figure who recruits Taggart to quietly investigate his wife (Zeta-Jones) and find out who she's having an affair with. Taggart complies, but soon stumbles upon the truth - that he's inadvertently become part of a much larger-conspiracy - and sets out to get some payback, once the conniving mayor attempts to blackmail Taggart into keeping his head down and mouth shut.

The Broken City cast is rounded out by Kyle Chandler (Zero Dark Thirty), Jeffrey Wright (The Ides of March), Barry Pepper (Snitch) and Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy). Meanwhile, screenwriting duties were handled by relative first-timer Brian Tucker, who Warner Bros. originally lined up to script the Sympathy for Lady Vengeance American remake - before Oscar-winner William Monahan (The Departed) took over that job instead.

Mark Wahlberg in Broken City
Mark Wahlberg in 'Broken City'

Trailer-wise, the new TV promo jumps about more than its predecessor; however, it also does a better job of keeping the lid on the twist involving Crowe's schemes to keep Wahlberg from spilling the beans about his illicit activities. Once again, the former impresses, with his fake-tan and convincing accent; meanwhile, Wahlberg occupies familiar, but comfortable, character territory. Similarly, Hughes' direction looks as solid and confident as his past collaborations with brother Albert (Dead Presidents, From Hell, The Book of Eli).

In other words: Broken City might not go down as the most memorable Wahlberg vehicle next year - Michael Bay's Pain & Gain is the current frontrunner in that category - but as far as early January releases go, you could do far worse.


Broken City opens in U.S. theaters on January 18th, 2013.

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