Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter Finally Explain Why Their Marriage Wasn’t Legally Binding

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The Hills: New Beginnings stars, Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter, have finally explained why their marriage to each other was not legally binding. The then-couple opened up to their co-stars on the season finale about why they chose to only have a wedding ceremony without a marriage certificate.

Jenner joined the original The Hills in its second season when he dated the show's starlet - Lauren Conrad. In 2019, nearly 10 years after the original show aired, MTV rebooted the show with The Hills: New Beginnings. Jenner came back to the show a married man. The star unofficially married his longtime girlfriend, Carter, with a beautiful ceremony in June of 2018 in Indonesia. The Hills reboot has shown glimpses of them struggling throughout their one-year-long "marriage," as they are conflicted over starting a family or not. The pair have since had a public split last month and just weeks after both Jenner and Carter already starting moving on with new people - Carter with her fling with pop-star Miley Cyrus and Jenner with Victoria's Secret Model Josie Canseco.

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On the season finale, there were many people weighing in on their relationship. Jenner's longtime "frenemy" Spencer Pratt grilled him on his marriage, while Ashley Wahler addressed Carter about the rumors of their polyamorous relationship, speculating that's why the pair couldn't agree on whether or not to have children together. After opening up about their open relationship, the two came clean about why their short-lived union was never legally binding. In the finale (via People), Carter said in a confessional, "Right before we went to Indonesia to get married, we started talking about getting our license here in the States, but we had a lot of like financial things that we needed to work out." 

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The star spoke about their intimate Indonesian wedding ceremony, saying that bringing along a wedding certificate was an oversight. She said, "We realized like, you know, we just want to focus on being excited about Indonesia and our wedding there, so let’s just deal with it when we get back. But we haven’t gotten around to it yet." There was a scene between then-"married" couple, Jenner and Carter, where Jenner talks about Audrina Patridge's messy divorce, saying, "It sounds like such a headache, what Audrina’s going through now." Carter went on the defensive about his reasoning, saying, "But Audrina’s going through a divorce, and that’s what I’m saying, you can’t look at it like that." Jenner then replied, "No, I know, but you have to also, like be realistic. Let’s just say, 10, 15 years down the line, it’s like, who knows what’s going to happen." The conversation between the two hinted that Jenner was already having doubts about the longevity of their marriage, already foreseeing a divorce.

Watching the finale with all of the information that has gone public regarding their split has been interesting to fans. Seeing how their pre-split relationship woes gave insight as to why they decided to part ways. The exes have remained amicable and even posted about how much they still care for one another. It seems the two were better off not getting legally married, as it makes the "divorce" so much simpler.

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Source: People

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