Brock Lesnar is WWE's Mr. Money in the Bank, But When Will He Cash In?

Brock Lesnar is now, to the shock of most fans, WWE's Mr. Money in the Bank, but when we will he cash in his contract? Here's a few possibilities.

Brock Lesnar is now, to the shock of most fans, WWE's Mr. Money in the Bank, but when we will he cash in his contract? Here's a few possibilities. Sunday night at WWE's annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view, WWE managed to pull off truly something remarkable in the age of the internet: genuinely surprise a wrestling crowd. Diehard wrestling fans tend to religiously follow the various backstage reports emerging from the internet, and it's very hard for big happenings to not somehow get leaked. Sure enough though, nobody saw Lesnar coming.

At the end of a long, grueling Money in the Bank ladder match, Lesnar's music hit, and he emerged from behind the curtain with advocate Paul Heyman in tow. Lesnar then marched to the ring, tipped Mustafa Ali off a ladder, then set up his own, climbing and claiming the briefcase. Lesnar hadn't appeared on WWE TV since losing the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XXXV. Unfortunately, as surprising as it was, most fans weren't exactly thrilled about Lesnar's victory.

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For one, as inconsistently written as WWE's product can be, a competitor does generally have to be participating in a match to win it, and generally isn't allowed to enter at the end when everyone is already destroyed. Yet, Lesnar was allowed to just walk in and win after 10 seconds of work, after seven other men had spent a good 20 minutes killing each other with ladders. Alas, the decision seemingly stands, as Lesnar marched into Monday's episode of Raw with a briefcase in his hand and a smile on his face. While it's impossible to 100 percent predict when he'll cash in the contract, we can still take some educated guesses.

While Lesnar teased cashing in on SmackDown's WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, from a narrative standpoint, it would make way more sense for him to cash in on Rollins, the man who beat him on the biggest stage. So, assuming he does target Rollins, the first logical place for him to try and cash in is WWE Super ShowDown on June 7. WWE's latest show as part of their deal with the government of Saudi Arabia, Super ShowDown is advertising Lesnar to appear, but he's yet to be booked in a match. Neither has Rollins, but if he is, Lesnar could easily come out after that match and cash in. He could also do it ahead of the show to set up a match, but it wouldn't really make sense for a heel not to try and win the easier way. Heyman closed Raw by saying Lesnar would reveal his intended target next week, so at the very least we'll know the who, if not the where or when, by then.

Post-Saudi Arabia, WWE doesn't put on one of their major pay-per-views until SummerSlam in August. Lesnar could easily hold off his cash in until then, since he rarely appears on the weekly TV shows anyway. Of course, that would also necessitate Rollins keeping the title until SummerSlam. While Lesnar could conceivably perform a shock cash in at any time, Lesnar's limited schedule and status as a big attraction makes one of those two dates the most likely, at least for the foreseeable future. Perhaps the bigger question is, will he once again become champion? Most fans likely hope he won't, due to his pattern of defending titles once every three months.

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