WWE Almost Made Brock Lesnar’s Character Homosexual

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is one of the toughest, most legitimate Superstars currently plying his trade in WWE. The Beast Incarnate is the Universal Champion and—aside from a minor blip against Goldberg a little under a year ago—has been portrayed as being almost unbeatable by WWE. Throughout both of his runs with the company, he has been depicted as a monster and that was likely the plan from day one. However, new information suggests Brock Lesnar's in-ring character almost had an added twist.

While the plan was to always build Lesnar as a dominant force within WWE, apparently the idea of making The Beast a homosexual wrestler was legitimately discussed. Having Lesnar depict a gay man on WWE television would have been an addition to the character he was already playing—if you can call his current persona a character and not just an extension of himself—instead of an alternative. Interestingly enough, Lesnar wouldn't demonstrate any stereotypes that are attached to being gay. The plan was to have him act the exact same way and merely punished opponents who chose to mock him for his sexual orientation.

This new information about the early days of Brock Lesnar's WWE career came to light when a former writer for the company, Brian Solomon sat down with the Wrestling Observer. Solomon revealed he came up with the idea for Lesnar to play the role of an openly gay ass kicker. The idea even got the approved by Stephanie McMahon who loved the direction. The boss's daughter thought that adding a homosexual angle to their product would make the company appear more progressive. Unfortunately, Lesnar himself wasn't fully on board with the plan so it never came to fruition. Instead, a watered-down version of the gimmick was eventually used on Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo in what eventually played out as a very offensive angle that saw both characters admit they were not gay.

Considering the severe lack of LGBTQ representation in WWE today, it's astounding to think a gimmick like this was tossed around as far back as 2002. Although the basis of it sounds like Lesnar's character would have essentially remained the same, it's interesting to think where he would be now if this angle ever panned out.

WWE very recently declared they would try to incorporate more LGBTQ storylines into their product. It's certainly a step in the right direction if they mean it, and it would be in line with the company's modern take on wrestling. Professional wrestling doesn't exactly have the best track record for being politically correct, but it appears that in 2017, WWE is doing its best to rectify that, even if they slip up every once in a while.

While hearing the news that this homosexual Brock Lesnar angle was discussed 15 years ago, it may be a blessing in disguise that the idea never saw the light of day. While today's WWE product could probably be trusted with a gimmick like this one, 2002 WWE was a different animal entirely. Although Brian Solomon clearly had the best of intentions and claimed that Lesnar would not have demonstrated some of the offensive stereotypes that are associated with gay men, it's likely that others in the company back then couldn't be trusted to be quite as tactful.

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