Fox Reveals Trailer for 'Gracepoint' Starring David Tennant

Broadchurch Remake Gracepoint Starring David Tennant

Fox's remake of ITV's small town-murder mystery, Broadchurch, is a bit of a gamble for the network. On the one hand, Broadchurch really was a runaway hit for ITV, a success later duplicated when it was rebroadcast on BBC America. But with the series having already aired - even here in the U.S. - and the identity of the murderer revealed, how will Gracepoint recapture the original's suspense?

Easy: Gracepoint's murder of a young boy won't have been committed by the same character as on Broadchurch. Much of the intrigue surrounding the murder mystery at the center of Broadchurch was in how deftly the series continued to point its finger at different suspects. At one point or another, almost any character was a prime candidate, and it's that air of mystery and possibility that Gracepoint is hoping to capitalize on.

Still, in order to ease fans of the original series and entice them to tune in to Gracepoint, Fox smartly cast Broadchurch's David Tennant as the lead investigator, this time an American - Emmett Carver. Joining him is Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) in the role originally played by Olivia Coleman - Detective Ellie Miller. Broadchurch's creator, Chris Chibnall, is an executive producer along with Dan Futterman (Capote, Foxcatcher) and Anya Epstein (Homicide). Chibnall also wrote Gracepoint's pilot episode.

Broadchurch Remake Gracepoint Starring David Tennant

Changing the identity of Danny's murderer must surely alter some of the setup as well as a few characters in order to make all the details fall neatly in to place. Yet, a surprising amount of footage shown in the very first trailer (above) appears almost identical to scenes from Broadchurch. That being said, a lot of the scenes in this trailer come from the pilot episode, so perhaps Gracepoint won't be diverging much from the original early on.

No matter how closely Gracepoint adheres to Broadchurch's first season, if it can recapture even a little of the fervor that surrounded the original's  gripping and slow reveal of the murderer's true identity, Fox will almost certainly have a hit with this 10-episode miniseries event.

Has this trailer ensured you'll be checking out Gracepoint when it airs in the fall? How different will it manage to be from Broadchurch? Tell us what you think in the comments below! (But please, clearly mark your spoilers for those who haven't seen the original series.)


Gracepoint will air Thursdays on Fox in Fall 2014.

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