Why There Won't Be A Broad City Season 6

Broad City

Broad City had a loyal fan-following - so why isn't season 6 on the way? The sitcom created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer debuted in 2014 and aired until 2019. Season 5 also served as Broad City’s final run of episodes on Comedy Central, but that didn’t stop viewers from wondering about the series' future.

Not only did Jacobson and Glazer create the series, but they also starred in the two lead roles as versions of themselves. Broad City was actually a web series before its made its way to Comedy Central, and allowed Jacobson and Glazer to portray two very different women navigating New York City in their twenties. Abbi and Ilana encountered a number of career changes, romantic experimentations, and wild misadventures through their everyday life. The show was relatable, hilarious, and empowering - especially in the eyes of younger audiences.

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In Broad City season 5, Abbi turned 30. Not only was it a milestone, but it was also a wake-up call since she hadn't achieved as much as she had hoped by that age. Abbi made a few changes to her life, but the biggest leap was applying to an artists' residency program in Colorado. She got in, but that meant leaving behind her best friend and the city that she grew to love. The pair depended on each other since the day they met, and the news crushed Ilana. In the end, she too took a big step by going back to school. As Abbi and Ilana lived across the country from each other, it closed the door on any type of continuation for the series - at least for now.

Broad City

Jacobson and Glazer have been outspoken about the decision to end Broad City after season 5. They felt from the early stages of the show's development that it should solely focus on characters in their twenties. That coming-of-age point of view was very important in terms of storytelling. It made sense for the women to end the series when Abbi turned 30 with Ilana not far behind. The fresh-faced twenty-somethings had grown up, just as the women playing them, so they felt like it was time to let go.

Some viewers have had a hard time believing that Jacobson and Glazer will no longer portray their beloved on-screen counterparts. It's always possible that they could revisit the characters down the line, but it doesn't seem likely. Revivals and reboots are all the rage, especially in the world of sitcoms, but for now Jacobson and Glazer have switched their focus to other projects.

Just because there won't be a Broad City season 6, it doesn't mean that Jacobson and Glazer are done working together. The duo remains very close friends and they have a number of projects lined up. Before Broad City came to an end, Jacobson and Glazer signed a joint deal to develop programs for Comedy Central and other networks. They will serve as executive producers on the upcoming animated comedy, Mall Town USA, as well as a series titled Young Professionals.

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