Broad City: 10 Funniest Supporting Characters We Wish Got More Screen Time

Broad City is one of the best shows to ever grace our television screens for too many reasons to possibly count. It's hilarious, uplifting, inclusive, and filled with a wild energy that simply cannot be replaced. We adore the relatable adventures of Abbi and Ilana who are just trying to survive in the jungle of New York City while on a tight budget.

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Yet as much as we are obsessed with Abbi and Ilana along with all of their quotable one-liners, we are just as in love with all of the supporting characters who we simply wish could have more screen time. We could literally see all of these side characters getting their own spin-off shows that we'd watch the hell out of. So without further ado, let's look at the best supporting characters on Broad City!

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Although Lincoln most likely got the most screen time out of all of the supporting characters, this doesn't mean we didn't want a whole lot more of him! Lincoln, played masterfully by Hannibal Buress, is the most chill dentist in all of New York City who can't seem to get over Amy Winehouse's death, and eats entire cakes that he's baked whenever he's feeling stressed.

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When it comes down to it, he just wants the simple things in life. He wants a steady job and a wife. Preferably, Ilana. His love for our favorite "Jewess Queen" is honorable and heartbreaking at the same time and it ultimately makes us grow more attached to his character as a whole. He's the exact kind of person we'd kill to be friends with which is why we are still crossing our fingers that Comedy Central will one day bless us with a spin-off show starring Lincoln. Who wouldn't pay to see that?


While Abbi might snap at the idea of more Bevers, fans, on the other hand, cannot get enough of the impossible-to-live-with-roommate-who-isn't-actually-a-roommate. We've all suffered through that one roommate before who has a significant other that might as well be paying rent because they are freeloading inside your apartment 24/7, and Bevers perfectly represents that worst kind of person.

Despite how annoying Abbi finds him, he still manages to show his friendly support by helping Abbi pick out clothes to wear on dates, and... well yeah, that's pretty much the only helpful thing he's ever done. Other than that, he'll take a dump in a shoe while Abbi's crush is over during a power outage, and eat messy foods on Abbi's bed that fully stain the sheets. Yet despite his nonsense, we still can't help but love the big guy!


Jaime is one of the most loveable characters on Broad City, which is saying a lot because almost every character on this blessed show is just asking to be adored by millions. While Jaime's heart may be pure gold, his eyes are red, white, and blue, due to his American Flag contacts that he bought to wear the day he became a US citizen.

While he can do a wicked American Frat Boy impression,  he cannot for the life of him pick out the right frozen yogurt for Abbi when she's sick. He's also a total hoarder. Yet despite all of these little quirks, he is still easily one of our favorite characters on the show.


Although Val is technically Abbi, she is pretty much her own entity and solely exists as a persona when Abbi gets blackout drunk. We all tend to become different people when we're boozed up to an extreme, yet no one gets to Abbi's level of transformation. When Abbi gets wasted, she becomes a beloved old-time Hollywood singer named Val who performs for underground bar venues (and is considered to be a legend).

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Val is the one who teaches Ilana to get rid of her #FOMO attitude when she convinces Ilana to live in the moment rather than constantly seek more elsewhere. Everyone adores Abbi's drunken alter ego, especially Ilana when Val refers to her as "My favorite Lil' Jewy on this side of St. Louie." We'd only be so lucky to see Val perform...


Garol is a Yogurt-Eating Queen who continuously makes cameos on Broad City that makes us laugh so hard, our sides hurt. Whether she's working in an empty warehouse in North Brother Island while assuming Abbi's name is Jeremy Santos, or scouting a sex shop for the most salacious item, she always manages to crack us up and add something absolutely magical to the show.

Sadly the actress who plays Garol, Virginia Robinson, has passed away. We will always remember how hilarious her utterly iconic role as Garol was on Broad City. Her character is truly one of a kind.  


Tyler is the dude who Ilana was hooking up with in the episode "Stolen Phone", who at first seems too good to be true. For one, he is a human ken-doll who cares all about Ilana's "needs" if you catch our drift. He also seems to be a forward-thinking individual which is what Ilana finds the most attractive in any given romantic partner.

He is seemingly perfect until Ilana and Abbi go to his improv show, which is, for a lack of a better word, terrible. His improv group is called "Statutory Crepe" (yikes) and in it, he does awful impressions of Doctor Evil while talking about his non-existent female body parts (double yikes). Improv shows are great, but when they're bad, they're down-right despicable.


Bobbi Wexler is the true hero of this world because she blessed us with Ilana Wexler, aka the staple of our lives. Bobbi Wexler always amazes us with her ability to say exactly what's on her mind regardless of how blunt it may be, she can speak fluently in Chinese as we can tell when she buys a bunch of knockoff bags in Chinatown, and is fully up to date with Beyonce and Jay-Z being a part of the Illuminati.

She's pretty much the most badass mom on TV and we just wish we could see more of Susi Essman's portrayal of Ilana's matriarch. At least we can watch her shine on Curb Your Enthusiasm where she pretty much plays the same character, only crazier.


Aunt Bev is Bobbi Wexler's sister and Ilana's loud-mouthed Auntie. She is also portrayed by one of the most iconic comedians alive, the one and only Fran Drescher. We all adored Fran on The Nanny as the gorgeous Queen from Queens, who never settles for anything less than extraordinary. Now she has wowed us once again on Broad City in the episode titled "Florida".

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She absolutely nails her role as the badass Wexler woman which makes us only wish we could see more of Aunt Bev in order to catch more glimpses of that contagious smile.


Trey works as Abbi's boss at SoulCycle and eventually becomes her unexpected love interest. Despite how shallow and pretentious he may appear with his obsession when it comes to maintaining six-pack abs (and his absolute dedication to the movie Garden State), he is at the end of the day a gem of a person who wants the best for Abbi.

The chemistry between the two is so out of this world, even Shania Twain hardcore ships them. Trey's character perfectly satirizes our generation's fitness obsession yet as the show goes on, we learn he is so much more than a health-nut caricature. Plus, we can't get over his killer impression of Ross from Friends.


Marcel, played by the one and only RuPaul, is an utterly flawless character who plays Ilana's boss at Sushi Mambeaux. Marcel takes the restaurant extremely seriously and see's it as one of the most influential places in NYC most likely due to the fact that it appeared on an episode of Sex and the City, once.

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He is the "Queen of Mean", and he regularly hangs out at parties hosted by celebrities such as Andy Cohen. Just when you thought Broad City couldn't possibly get any more perfect, RuPaul came in to prove to us that indeed it could.

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