'Breaking Bad' Actress Anna Gunn to Star in American Remake of 'Broadchurch'

Anna Gunn to Star in Broadchurch Remake

Broadchurch, the popular British crime drama, is being remade with a new name and the same lead actor. David Tennant (the beloved 10th Doctor) will reprise his role as Detective Alec Harvey in the Americanized version of the show, titled Gracepoint.

The original show, which aired its first season earlier this year, was met with favorable reviews as a fresh, emotional take on the whodunit genre. Now we know who the female lead will be.

According to Variety, FOX has added another big name to their remake of Broadchurch by casting Anna Gunn to star opposite David Tennant. Gunn, of course, played the very polarizing Skyler White on Breaking Bad. This will be her first gig after her Emmy Award-winning performance on that show.

As Detective Ellie Miller - originally portrayed by Olivia Colman - Gunn will have the opportunity to leave Skylar White behind and embrace a new role and image. And with the cast and crew that have already assembled behind the project, combined with Gunn’s acting chops, there is every reason to think she will succeed.

The first episode is being penned by Chris Chibnall, the creator of Broadchurch, who will also stay on as executive producer. With David Tennant as Detective Alec Harvey and Jacki Weaver (two-time Oscar nominee) as the mysterious Susan Wright, the show is already boasting some serious talent. Gunn is another welcomed addition.


It is unclear if Gracepoint will follow the same story as the original series. We know that Det. Miller (Gunn) will be working a murder case with Det. Harvey (Tennant), who recently passed her over for a promotion, which is how the original show started. With Chibnall and Tennant crossing over, we should expected a similar theme and feel to the original show, but it's anyone's guess if the same murder mystery will unfold. The fact that Broadchurch was renamed may lend credence to the possibility that the writers and producers have a new direction in mind.

This, of course, is the problem with remakes, even on TV. We have a knee-jerk reaction to immediately dismiss a remake as unoriginal or even pointless, and that has certainly been the case with some remakes. That said, there do exist Americanized versions of British series that have been very popular (House of Cards, The Office) and have created a life of their own.

Audiences who have already seen Broadchurch probably have little incentive to watch Gracepoint, but it is possible for a remake to be as good as or better than the original. We’ll see if Gracepoint can deliver.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you looking forward to the American version of Broadchurch?


Gracepoint will begin production in January. There's currently no premiere date, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for more details.

Source: Variety 

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