Brittany Murphy And David Zayas Join 'The Expendables'

Is the cast for Sylvester Stallone's upcoming action-fest The Expendables ever going to stop growing? We already have Stallone himself (who's also writing and directing), along with Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Charisma Carpenter, Randy Couture, Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Terry Crews (thankfully replacing 50 Cent).

Well, it looks like the casting train isn't slowing down any time soon, as two new faces have been added to the line-up: They are Brittany Murphy and David Zayas.

Murphy will play a singer and girlfriend to Mickey Rourke's character; funny since they both starred in Sin City - I'm sure it'll be nice to work on yet another action-oriented film together. I'm not overly familiar with Murphy as an actress, but can she sing well? She'll need to be able to as the role reportedly calls for her to perform a musical number.

Zayas may be a name unfamiliar to you, but if you watch the fantastic TV show Dexter, you'll know him as Angel Batista. He will play the South American dictator who the team of mercenaries (played mostly by the cast mentioned above) are sent to overthrow.

Although I am absolutely dying to see all of these actors in the one movie, bringing to the table different types of both acting and action style, I'm nonetheless getting a bit wary of the sheer size of the cast. It appears not to simply be made up of small, throwaway roles - these are big names, for the most part, which leads me to think they are all really important to what happens in the film.

I just hope the size of the cast doesn't mean we don't get to concentrate on some of those of most interest - namely Rourke, Statham, Li, and, of course, Stallone himself (in case you didn't see them, check out some of the images of Stallone in action).

However, I have faith in Stallone because not only is he a great action guy, but he's insanely talented as a filmmaker. Some people may forget that he wrote the original Best Picture winning Rocky movie, and came back to that franchise a couple of years ago, writing and directing the pretty-damn-great Rocky Balboa. As for his other big franchise, although the first half of the newest Rambo film was terrible, he showed when it came to the second half and the all important action, that he knows what he's doing.

Since The Expendables is presumably going to be all about balls-to-the-wall action, I have every faith in Stallone that, particularly with that cast, he'll give us something really kick-ass.

What do you think of Murphy and Zayas joining the cast? Do you think a cast of such a size is a good idea?

The Expendables is scheduled to be released on April 23rd, 2010.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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