4 British Shows That Need An American Spinoff (& 6 That Just Wouldn't Work)

It is not unusual for production companies to adapt a show from another country. If the show was successful, or had a short run but gained cult-like status, it qualifies for some form of adaptation. Across the pond in Great Britain, there are a number of successful shows that many people don’t have the opportunity of experiencing. Fans wonder why a spinoff or adaptation is needed for a show that has already made its mark or triggered a generation. The answer is, it’s not necessarily needed, but it’s welcomed for the sake of entertainment. Successful spinoffs and adaptations include shows like The Office and House of Cards. However, it has to be said that not every show deserves this special treatment. While most shows are accepted there are also the bunch that could have sat on the sidelines.

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10 Pulling (Need Spinoff)

Pulling has been described as the British Sex in the City. it is so much more. It is rough, gritty and exciting. It is about 3 female friends who unlike the 4 women in Sex in the City have absolutely no care in the world. They all suck at relationships, they hate their careers and lives and they have no intentions on doing anything about it.

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They just roll through life and make regrettable mistakes that will eventually come back to bite them in the arse. This show would be a hit with millennials. It would be interesting to see how they adapt a show that managed humor, brilliance, and drama all in 2 short series and a tie-in movie.

9 Catastrophe (Wouldn't Work)

Catastrophe stars Sharon Horgan of Pulling fame. We advocated for a Pulling remake but this show is on a different level. An American man meets a woman on a trip to England they have a one night stand, she gets pregnant and the crap hits the fan. The friends have great chemistry but never expected something like this to happen.

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They try to make things work all while being hit with complications from every end. We don’t think it is necessary to remake this show. It was brilliant and we can’t see how anything could be changed. The last thing fans need is remake reminiscing of Skins (which was basically a word for word remake of the British show).

8 My Mad Fat Diary (Need Spinoff)

This very detailed and intimate show about mental health and eating disorders would open a great dialogue about the struggles that teens face. Although it is set in the 90s many of the topics they bring up are just as relevant today if not more. Based on the memoir by Rae Earl, the TV show ran for 3 seasons and co-starred a young Jodie Comer (now assassinating people on Killing Eve) the show is classified as a dark comedy and we would have to agree with this although we will add that while the topic is heavy the injections of comedy is what gives it that personal touch. We have all made a self-deprecating joke or two.

7 Happy Valley (Wouldn't Work)

Another cop procedural that we can do without. We will admit that is is hard to lump Happy Valley into a traditional procedural cop drama. However, we certainly believe that an American remake would be useless. A lot of the drama that takes place in Happy Valley works under the British law so a lot of changes would need to be made to make a show that is just as realistic bu under American laws. This may seem like a minor bump in the road but to that we say, just make a whole new show. There is room on American TV for another cop drama don’t worry, no toes will be stepped on in the process. Let Happy Valley be the beautiful BRITISH sadness that it is.

6 The A Word (Need Spinoff)

Many people are wondering what is “A” in The A Word? It stands for autism. The TV show follows a family as they deal with their sons autism diagnosis. In fact, the British version was initially a remake of an Israeli show called Yellow Peppers. This show is emotional, truthful, impactful and highlights not only the disease but how it impacts a family unit.

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A show like this would benefit from an American remake because not only is it a very popular disease now but it is raising awareness. Fans of the show will see some very hard moments; parents getting frustrated with their autistic child, frustrated with life and the card they were dealt with. However, it is all necessary to truly show what it means to deal with this disease.  

5 Black Mirror (Wouldn't Work)

Black Mirror is now so popular that it makes us scared to our bones that a crappy remake is going to pop up and ruin it all. So we are putting it out there from now that we are not interested. We don't want to see any kind of remake of the anthology series.

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It is going so well and the creators, producers and, showrunners are doing such a great job. They are incorporating Americans into their show.  We see no reason for an all American version. Fans of the show know that we basically have perfection here. A remake is basically a slap in the face.

4 Liar (Need Spinoff)

Those of you longing for some Downton Abbey love can check out Liar starring Joanne Froggatt the least like Crawley sister. Or you can wait for the remake that they will most like make one day. We are kind of here for it. This show is full of mystery and excitement and really it kinds of perfect for a remake because with all the twist and turns taking place you could slip in new ideas and not upset the flow of the show. I would do great as a miniseries in the American remake. Anything more would be a bit much.

3 After Life (Wouldn't Work)

Although this Netflix series only has one season so far, fans of Ricky Gervais know that plenty of his shows have received an American adaptation (or at least they tried). The best show to date is The Office and it had an amazing run. After Life is being talked about as a groundbreaking show. There is only one step from here; a remake. There is no need to remake a show that is actually this perfect and so sentimental. Besides, we can’t really see anyone else playing widower Tony. He is impulsive, cynical and so openly hurt. It’s hard to imagine this show as a dark comedy.

2 Luther (Wouldn't Work)

Idris Elba’s dark crime drama follows a detective who really should not be a detective. Luther is haunted by his past and present decisions. All within his line of work and his personal life. Fans of the not-so-procedural cop drama can rest easy as there are no plans to make an adaptation of this show. That being said, that doesn’t mean that talks are not happening. It’s a popular show and Idris Elba is a top A-list actor. Like David Tennant’s cop drama Broadchurch adapted to Gracepoint, it just isn’t a necessity. Look what happened to Gracepoint.

1 Top Boy (Wouldn't Work)

Drake owns the rights to adapting this insanely popular, gritty, coming of age story. Top Boy triggered a generation of British youth to want to be like Dushane and Sully. The main characters and street-savvy drug dealers. Drake has been talking about this adaptation since about 2017 and nothing has transpired yet. We know that he has made a deal with Netflix to stream the show. The lack of movement on this show sends alarms off. Is this remake even necessary? If it was, it should have kicked off right on the heels of the ending of season 3 of the original show. This could be one that fans can do without.

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