Britannia Trailer: No One Wants To Be Civilized

Amazon has released a trailer for the new historical period drama TV show Britannia, which takes viewers back to the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD. The series stars David Morrissey, best known for playing the Governor in seasons 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead. Britannia is the first co-production between Amazon and Sky, the biggest media company in Europe. The series will run for ten episodes.

For viewers unfamiliar with Britain's rich history, "Britannia" is a name commonly associated with ancient Britain. Two thousand years ago, the continuously expanding Roman Empire came to southern Britain with plans of conquest. The Celtic tribes of Britain, consisting of Pagan druids and warriors, struggled to fight off the invading Romans but were eventually defeated. As a result, the Romans Christianized most of Britain, and managed to keep their hold on the region until they were driven out by German barbarians.

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Amazon's new trailer for Britannia gives viewers an in-depth look at Celtic Britain as its people go to war with the Romans. David Morrissey's character sums up the Roman invasion with one line: "We've invaded Hell." The trailer showcases elements of Celtic mythology with mentions of gods and demons. From a sky view, we get to see a ring of standing stones, a type of structure that had much cultural significance to the Celts. Most famous of these is Stonehenge.

The Romans appear to have gotten in over their heads when a young Celtic girl says that the Romans are "lying awake right now shaking." The trailer also provides us with a preview of some of the bloody battles that will take place between the Celts and the Romans.

Morrissey's character, Aulus Plautius, will lead the Romans in their attempt to conquer Britain. Plautius was a real-life Roman general who became Roman Britain's first governor, following the invasion. Rallying to stop Aulus Plautius and his army are warrior women Antedia (Zoe Wannamaker) and Kerra (Kelly Reilly). Antedia and Kerra are leaders of rival Celtic tribes who have to put their differences aside to fight a common enemy.

Britannia also stars Liana Cornell, Stanley Weber, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Mackenzie Crook. The series is written by Jez Butterworth, who co-wrote the scripts for Edge of Tomorrow, Spectre, and Maleficent 2.

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Britannia airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Ireland on January 18th. The series begins streaming in the United States through Amazon Prime on January 26th.

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