Bring It Dance Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex with a Minor, Exposing Teen to HIV

Bring It's dance coach, John Conner III, has pleaded guilty to sex with a minor and exposing a teen to HIV although being aware of his diagnosis.

One of Lifetimes' Bring It dance teachers has pleaded guilty to sex with a minor and exposing a teen to HIV. John Conner III was aware of his diagnosis since 2012, but when he interacted with his victim and chose not to tell them that danger they were in.

Bring It aired back in 2004 and filmed five seasons in total. The dancers competed at the highest levels of hip-hop that took place down south. The docu-series followed a dance troop from Jackson, Mississippi called the Dancing Dolls of Jackson who are one of the top dance groups in the country. The reality show followed the dancer’s through grueling practices and competition, showing how hard it was to become an elite force. Conner appeared on the Lifetime show as the coach of Dynamic Diamond Dollz during season 1 and then again during season 2 when he coached the Infamous Dancerettes.

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Shock waves had been sent out among the dance community when People reported that a private dance instructor who appeared on Lifetime’s reality show, Bring It pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor and exposing the victim to the AIDS virus. In a press releases that were issued Tuesday by the Shelby County District Attorney General, Amy Weirich confirmed that the dancer turned reality star, John Conner III had avoided being sent to trial after having decided to plead guilty to felony charges of criminal exposure to HIV, statutory rape by an authority figure, and solicitation of a minor.

John Conner III Bring It

Fans of the show will recall that Conner was one of the main dance coaches on seasons 1 and 2 of Bring It who helped his own troop prepare for battle against their rivals each episode. Conner was also being investigated regarding two other HIV cases that include a 17-year-old and 24-year-old. The Attorney General alleges that Conner was only 26 when he met the 16-year-old boy while on social media in 2015. The victim was also a member of Conner’s dance team and exchanged text messages which included nude selfies. It was reported that the two had unprotected sex inside the dance instructor’s vehicle more than once. The teen was also exposed to HIV at that time unknowingly. Conner was originally diagnosed with HIV in January of 2012 according to the court documents.

After a year of sleeping with his coach, the victim found out that he was put at risk for HIV and told his parents about the relationship who went and got him tested - the test came back positive. The reality star is scheduled for sentencing by Criminal Court Judge Chris Craft on December 20th. Since the arrest, Lifetime has taken Conner’s name off the credit list and their website for Bring It.

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Source: People

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