Brightburn Star Believes Brandon Is Not Alone On Earth

Jackson A Dunn with Brightburn mask

Brightburn star Jackson A. Dunn has a provocative idea for a sequel involving multiple alien children who landed on Earth. When it released in April 2019, Brightburn caught audiences off guard with its brutal violence, disturbing story, and intense imagery, all anchored by a stellar performance from Jackson A. Dunn as the lead character.

Dunn plays Brandon Breyer, a young boy adopted by an ordinary couple from Brightburn, Kansas. However, Brandon isn't an ordinary boy; he's a space alien, who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, as the old saying goes. Unlike his obvious inspiration, Superman, unfortunately, Brandon does not become a hero, but a supervillain, embarking on a killing spree that culminates in a shocking finale.

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While speaking to Screen Rant regarding the home video release of Brightburn, Jackson A. Dunn expressed interest in prospective storylines for a sequel. Brightburn 2 has not been officially announced yet, but the buzz on the internet is strong, and Dunn has ideas for the direction a sequel could take:

Brightburn Dark Justice League

"There's also potential for, maybe, a league. I have my own personal theory that Brandon wasn't the only one to land in a pod that night, and there's others all over the world. I'd really like to see that possibility explored, whether it's in collaboration with Brightburn, or they fight against him, or they all fight among each other, I think there's a lot of ways it can be taken, and I'd love to see that explored, for sure."

The idea of multiple evil Supermen running around Earth has potential, especially given Brandon's nigh-invulnerability to conventional attack. Based on the movie's story, Brandon's only weakness is the unique metal from the pod that initially brought him to Earth. If there are other pods with more superpowered children, maybe humanity can discover one of the pods, deduce its effect on the aliens, discover their weakness, and find a way to fight back.

As Dunn suggests, maybe not every alien who fell to Earth became a supervillain. Maybe one or more of them are destined to become the next Superman. The way he sees it, Jackson Dunn believes the presence of multiple aliens from Brandon's original planet as a strong starting point for the next chapter of the Brightburn universe. Will they fight each other, chaotic evils who refuse to play nice with one another? Will they form an uneasy alliance and start, as Dunn calls it, a league? Or will two teams be formed; one that seeks to dominate and destroy the world, and another that aims to protect it from harm?

The possibilities are endless, and the Brightburn universe has room to grow as it moves into the future. A sequel has not been officially announced yet, but the first film turned a tidy profit for Sony, grossing over $32 million worldwide on a budget of just $6 million. Maybe they're waiting to see how Brightburn fares on home video before they get to work on initiating production on a sequel.

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