Does Brightburn Have A Post-Credits Scene?

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Brightburn re-imagines Superman's origin story in a much darker light, but does it feature a post credits scene? A superhero horror movie that James Gunn produced and developed alongside his brother Brian and cousin Mark, Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks and David Denman as a small town couple who adopt an alien child after it crash-lands on earth. However, as the infant grows up into a boy named Brandon (Jackson A. Dunne) and discovers he has super-powers, he begins to exhibit increasingly disturbing and otherwise dangerous tendencies.

Directed by David Yarovesky (The Hive), Brightburn was originally scheduled to arrive last fall, but ended up being delayed after Gunn was fired (and before he was rehired) by Disney on Guardians of the Galaxy 3. And while the film isn't an official Superman movie, it's very clearly drawing inspiration from the comic book character's mythology and re-envisioning his backstory in a far more horrifying light. As such, some filmgoers may be wondering if Brightburn includes a credits scene, as many other superhero and/or horror movies do these days.

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For those who are curious, Brightburn does NOT include a post-credits scene - though, it does feature a sequence that starts playing over the credits immediately after the film ends. Moviegoers need not worry about missing the stinger either; the scene will start playing before they even have the chance to stand up out of their seats and leave the theater. There isn't any extra material after that, but it's worth staying to watch the credits in full anyway, as a show of respect to the many people who worked on the movie.

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Without spoiling anything, it's fair to say Brightburn's credits scene leaves the door open for a sequel or maybe even an entire superhero horror-themed franchise down the line. Whether that happens or not, of course, will ultimately depend on the film's box office performance and whether general audiences take a liking to the concept of an "evil Superman" in the first place. Either way, with a budget reported to be as low as $6 million, Brightburn should have little trouble turning a profit and could well be in the clear by the time this weekend is over.

Gunn and his collaborators, for their part, haven't really started talking up the idea of a Brightburn sequel just yet. At the same time, however, they've acknowledged it's a possibility, and the film's credits scene indicates they're already considering some potential directions. That said, it's safe to assume Gunn's involvement with a followup would be fairly limited; he's currently in pre-production on The Suicide Squad, and plans to get to work on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as soon as his schedule clears up again. So, until an official announcement is made, audiences are free to speculate about Brightburn's credits scene (or epilogue) and what it could mean for the future.

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