Brightburn: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed

Brightburn is a really good film, but part of what makes it so special and unique is the fact that it takes the story of Superman and turns it completely upside down. While it is not technically about Superman, there are lots of connections to his story.

This movie is a visual treat, and it is full of interesting little details, such as the fact that one of the scenes was actually filmed at an old Hardee’s location. The building is actually pretty easy to recognize, and lots of fans have pointed it out, but there are many details that went unnoticed in this film. Here are just a few of them.

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10 One Scene Was A Reference To A Comic Book Cover

One of the most important scenes in the film has a shot in it that is a direct visual reference to a comic book cover. Superman first appeared in a comic book called Action Comics No. 1.

The cover of this comic book is very iconic, and it shows him lifting a vehicle up in the air to save a pedestrian. In Brightburn, this image is referenced when Brandon’s Uncle, Noah, is in his truck.

While Brandon is off-camera, Noah’s vehicle is being lifted into the air while he screams. This scene is awesome, since even those who are not familiar with Superman’s story can appreciate it.

9 It Shares One Similarity With Other Recent Films

While Brandon Beyer is not technically Superman, Clark Kent, or the Man of Steel, he does share some of that character’s superpowers. Both characters have something called heat vision, which is a very important detail.

Superman has blasted his heat vision many times, and so has Brandon. Superman can be seen using this ability in the movies Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. But this is also where they differ a bit, since Brandon often hangs out in the dark with his glowing red eyes and Superman never does.

8 Brandon’s Symbol Is Similar To Other Symbols

The symbol Brandon keeps drawing in the film resembles the symbol that can be seen in another movie as well, and it’s not related to Clark Kent at all. He draws this emblem many times, and he often leaves it somewhere when he commits a crime, which is part of the reason why Tori Breyer finds out that he was responsible for so many terrible things.

But a similar symbol can be seen in a manga called Berserk, which is known for its’ brutal violence and downright creepiness. Fans might notice that there is another similar emblem in a comic book called Nameless.

7 He Destroyed A Plane

While Superman does not think twice before saving an airplane full of people, Brandon Breyer would prefer to destroy the whole thing, including the passengers that are on it. After the main character in the movie murders his mother by dropping her from the sky, he discovers that an airplane is heading in his direction.

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The next thing viewers see is the remnants of a plane that hit the Breyer family’s house. This implies that Brandon caused the plane to crash. It appears that there are no survivors (other than Brandon, of course). This movie does an excellent job of showing how terrifying a superbeing can be if they don’t like humans.

6 Caitlyn Is A Writer, Like Lois

Lois Lane liked to write about justice, and so does another Brightburn character named Caitlyn. Caitlyn can actually be seen writing an essay in one of the scenes of the movie.

Fans who pay a great deal of attention during that scene might have noticed that the essay she was working on was called “The Decline of Truth and Justice in the Modern World,” which is certainly something Lois would have been interested in writing. While Brandon and Caitlyn obviously don’t love each other, their relationship is a nice reference to the relationship Superman shares with Lois Lane.

5 The Color Red Means Something

Colors are always important in movies, and Brightburn is no different since it seems to be a symbol the changes Brandon goes through throughout the film. The red color in this character’s costume increases as the movie progresses, which probably symbolizes how evil he is becoming with every passing second.

In the beginning of the film, Brandon wears more shades of blue than red. But as he begins to change when he realizes the truth about his origin, his clothes become a lot more red, which represents the fact that there is nothing but evilness in him by the time the movie ends.

4 He Is Similar To The Insects That Fascinate Him

Throughout this film, it’s very obvious that Brandon really likes insects, and which is potentially because he finds that there are a lot of similarities between them and himself. Brightburn actually puts a lot of focus on this, since the film shows bugs very frequently, and there is even a scene where Brandon describes the difference between wasps and bees while he is at school.

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Sometimes it seems as though Brandon can relate more to the insects he is fascinated with than to human beings. But that actually does make some sense. He might not be an insect, but Brandon is far from being a human as well.

3 Brandon Dissected One Of The Characters

Brandon dissects another character, and it is a very brutal thing that actually happens off-camera. Caitlyn is definitely a character fans should feel bad for in this film, since she has so many unfortunate things happen to her.

Caitlyn becomes scared of Brandon after he appears in her bedroom, and then he hurts her at school. After that, Brandon goes after the little girl’s mother, Erica. He makes a lightbulb burst in Erica’s face, but that’s nothing compared to what he does to her after that. At a later point in the film, viewers see that he actually dissected her, which showed just how evil he can be.

2 Brandon Shares His Name With An Actor Who Played Superman

There are lots of references to the Man of Steel in Brightburn, and perhaps one of them is the main character’s first name. No, his name might not be Clark or Superman, but it is Brandon, which is the same first name as one of the actors who played the famous superhero in a movie.

Actor Brandon Routh portrayed the superbeing in the 2006 film Superman Returns. While the movie was not terrible, no sequels were made after it came out, despite the fact that the movie had a star-studded cast. Some of the other cast members were actor James Marsden and actress Kate Bosworth.

1 One Of The Sets Can Also Be Seen In Stranger Things

If the school in this movie looks familiar, that is because it was also used in the first two seasons of Stranger Things. In real life, this building is located in Stockbridge, Georgia, and it was also once used as an actual school, which is what makes it the perfect location for filming things like this.

The name of this former school was Patrick Henry High School. The school had a lot of mold in it, so it was closed down a few years ago, but that obviously didn’t stop anyone from wanting to film there. The students who were attending that school when it got shut down were moved over to another school in the area.

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