Bright Trailer #2 Introduces Netflix's Buddy Cop Fantasy Film

Netflix releases a second trailer for Bright, the David Ayer directed fantasy buddy cop film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Bright (2017) - Joel Edgerton and Will Smith

Netflix has released the second trailer for their new fantasy cop film Bright. The streaming giant continues to push for more original content, not only on the television side. Netflix has already released several original films this year with well-known stars, but it appears that they are saving their biggest film for last. Directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer, Bright sees Ayer re-team with his Suicide Squad star Will Smith. Joel Edgerton also stars as an Orc - the first LAPD officer of his kind, and Smith's partner in the movie.

Many have been looking forward to seeing if Netflix can deliver on the unique premise straight from the mind of Max Landis (who cowrote the Bright script with Ayer), and they've invested a hefty amount of money into the project to make that possible. Bright has a reported $90 million budget to cover the costs of sets, actors, action, and visual effects, and every penny appears to have been put to good use.

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Netflix has released the second trailer (attached at the top of this post) for Bright online, and it wastes no time establishing the more fantastical elements of the movie, while also including some humor. In addition, the trailer lays out more of the film's plot, showing Smith (as Daryl Ward) and Edgerton (as Nick Jakoby) as they get swept up into an adventure that involves Noomi Rapace's elf character, a nuclear weapon level magic wand, and much more.

Will Smith in Netflix original movie Bright

It continues to be made clear that Bright will, at the very least, be an incredibly different film that becomes part of Netflix's huge library. Ayer has been thrilled with the creative freedom he's had on the project, and it shows in the new trailer, given how big and rich the film's world appears to be. The sci-fi/fantasy elements of the film will undoubtedly be what intrigues most, but Ayer also does not appear to be shying away from using this fantasy world as a commentary on real world issues like police brutality and racism.

This new preview continues to build on what was established in the first Bright trailer, and comes at the perfect time - with the movie two months out from premiering. Netflix's resistance to release any actual viewership numbers will keep us guessing just how successful this endeavor was, but good reviews would undoubtedly work in the movie's favor in that regard. Ayer has already expressed his hopes for a Bright sequel, so the film will need to be a hit on some level for that to happen. Thankfully, the marketing gives reason to believe this movie can deliver.

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