Bright Trailer: First Official Look At David Ayer's Netflix Movie

Will Smith in Netflix original movie Bright

The first full trailer for the fantasy/cop-adventure film, Bright, has just been released online. Helmed by director David Ayer and based on a script written by Max Landis (which Ayer eventually rewrote), the movie has been described as "a contemporary cop thriller, but with fantastical elements" - an interesting marriage of film tropes and genres  Financially backed up by Netflix, the project has a designated budget of $90 million as part of the company's efforts to expand their growing roster of Originals. Right now, it is scheduled for an in-platform release later this year, but the streaming service giant is supposedly open to also rolling it out in theaters.

Bright features Will Smith as a human police officer named Scott Ward and Joel Edgerton the first Orc Cop, Nick Jakoby. Together, the two go on a wild ride to retrieve a mysterious ancient relic which apparently is wanted by almost everyone. The fate of the world that they are currently residing  - where both people and mythical creatures (orcs, elves, and trolls) co-exist with each other, all depends on whether they would be able to successfully finish their mission or not.

Lucy Fry (Tika),  Andrea Navedo (Captain Perez), Brad William Henke (Dorghu), Alex Meraz (Serafin) and Ike Barinholtz (Gary Harmeyer) join Smith and Edgerton, as well as, Matt Gerald and Enrique Murciano in yet-to-be-revealed roles. The film marks Ayer's directorial return to the big screen after his outing as the filmmaker behind last year's Suicide Squad - reuniting him with Smith who also played Deadshot in the DC anti-hero ensemble project.

You can check out the trailer above.

Will Smith in Netflix original movie Bright

The first half of the trailer sets up the diverse world that Scott lives in, including references to creature racism and stereotypes. But he gets a front seat view to just show how bad the situation can be when he is paired with orc Nick. Ward tries to keep his new teammate at arm's length and their relationship purely professional but his new partner obviously wants to be a bit friendlier. Their routinary patrols, however, suddenly takes a deadly turn when they come across a magic shining wand, which everyone seems to try to get for their own personal gains.

Ayer is no stranger to cop films, with both End of Watch and Street Kings under his belt, so expectations are obviously high for the big budgeted, fantasy-hued Bright. While his last movie - the DCEU's Suicide Squad - was not necessarily met with astounding reviews, the politics of doing a bigger, more studio-controlled film, could have also played a part in that particular situation. It's possible that Netflix, being a starting film company, has given him more creative liberties with Bright. The trailer definitely highlights his signature tone and style.

Coming out of the controversial yet critically acclaimed Okja, Netflix is fully committing themselves to delivering original content to their millions of subscribers worldwide. Bright's trailer came as part of the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, showing their majors hopes. We'll find out how well placed they are when the film arrives on Netflix in December.

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  • Bright (2017) release date: Dec 22, 2017
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