Here's The Final Trailer for Will Smith's Bright

Netflix has dropped the third and final trailer for Will Smith's buddy-cop sci-fi movie Bright. Suicide Squad's David Ayer directed the genre-bender from a script by Max Landis (Chronicle). Netflix spent north of $90 million bringing the urban-crime fantasy movie to life.

Will Smith stars as Daryl Ward, a seasoned cop working in an alternate present LA where humans live alongside orcs, fairies and other fantasy creatures. Ward is partnered with Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), the first orc ever hired by the LAPD. During a routine patrol, Daryl and Nick discover a magic wand that grants its owner terrible power. Now the unlikely partners must battle dark forces who want the magical artifact for themselves.

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The third and final trailer for Bright has dropped less than two weeks ahead of its release on Netflix. The new clip includes a first listen to the original song "Crown" by Camila Cabello & Grey, featured on the official soundtrack Bright the Album. See the trailer above.

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The new trailer leans into the buddy-cop elements featured in the film, highlighting the banter between Ward and Jakoby. Smith clearly is no fan of Jakoby's orcish music, which sounds like death metal, only more grim. The cop footage evokes gritty urban crime drama a la End of Watch, David Ayer's own acclaimed 2012 film. Ayer's experience across both grounded crime drama and big-budget fantasy uniquely positions him to handle this hybrid material. In his typical fashion, Max Landis lays out the tropes, then tries putting a new and novel spin on them. Will Smith, the master of genial tough-guy banter, is possibly the perfect actor for this slightly unwieldy idea. Joel Edgerton has a meaty role as the outcast orc who bonds with Smith.

In addition to Smith and Edgerton, the new clip also gives us more glimpses of Leilah, Noomi Rapace's mysterious dark elf character. Leilah describes herself as "a warrior, a priestess, a loverI'm whatever I need to be." Leilah wreaks a lot of havoc, shooting guns, getting in kung-fu fights and generally being a bad-ass. Racial themes play into the movie as well, as teased by the trailer's zinger: "Fairy lives don't matter today."

Netflix has gambled big on Bright, sinking at least $90 million into the project. The Christmas season is filled with plenty of theatrical options, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Netflix hopes folks will choose to stay home and watch Will Smith quip his way through some fantasy-tinged buddy-cop action.

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  • Bright (2017) release date: Dec 22, 2017
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