Netflix's Bright 2 Recruits Beauty and the Beast Writer

Netflix's Bright 2 is moving forward with new writer attached to the sequel. Netflix's first foray in big-budget action blockbusters, Bright, debuted on the streaming service late in 2017. Though Bright received poor reviews, the film was better received by casual movie audiences. In fact, whether because of the differing opinions about the movie or not, Bright was reportedly viewed by 11 million U.S. viewers in the first three days following its release. As a result of this success, Netflix gave the green light for a sequel to Bright.

Very little is known about the followup, though Bright stars Will Smith and Joel Egerton are set to return, as is director David Ayer. The first film introduced viewers to the world of Bright, wherein humans, orcs, and elves live together in an alternate present filled with magic. The movie largely followed two LAPD officers - Daryl Ward (Smith) and Nick Jakoby (Egerton) - who must protect a young elf and the wand she's hiding. Now, the sequel takes another step forward by recruiting a screenwriter.

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THR is reporting the Bright sequel tapped writer Evan Spiliotopoulos to pen the script that will be directed by Ayer. Spiliotopoulos's two most recent projects include big-budget spectacles Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast and Universal Pictures' The Huntsman: Winter's War. Max Landis, who wrote the script for the first film, won't return for the sequel. According to THR's sources, it's due to creative differences between Landis and Ayer. (It should be noted that allegations of sexual misconduct were levied at Landis around the time of Bright's release and may have lead Netflix to part ways with the writer, though it's unconfirmed whether that played any part in the original scribe not returning.)

As of now, little to nothing is known about the story for Bright 2. It will undoubtedly continue to follow Ward and Jakoby since the actors will be returning. But what many fans enjoyed about Bright is how it only scratched the surface of what appeared to be a complex alternate present. As such, fans may be hoping to see more of that universe explored in the follow-up. In addition to elves and orcs, the world and mythology of Bright also includes fairies, centaurs, and dragons - not to mention organizations like the Magic Task Force and Shield of Light. All, or just one, of these concepts could easily be explored in a sequel.

With that said, it's still unclear how a sequel will continue the story of Bright, and whether it will be better received with a different screenwriter on board. Spiliotopoulos undoubtedly has experience working with established material considering his most recent projects saw him penning a live-action take on a classic property and a sequel to a blockbuster success. As such, he may be exactly what the Bright sequel needs to win over detractors of the first film. And with Ayer continuing to work in the grounded urban setting where he thrives, Bright 2 could potentially be an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

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Source: THR

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