Brie Larson Wants Captain Marvel to Fight The Hulk

The Hulk has already had throw-downs with two of his teammates in The Avengers movies, and we've already seen glimpses of his rematch with the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok; could yet another superhero showdown be in his future? Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is interested in seeing her character go toe-to-toe with the Green Goliath.

Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first film to feature a female protagonist, will introduce viewers to Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, a powerful hero whose cosmic powers were created by the fusion of human and Kree DNA.

In an interview with USA Today, Larson was asked which superhero she would like Captain Marvel to fight most. Larson replied by pitting her character against the Marvel Universe's strongest character:

"I do kind of have fantasies of battling The Hulk, just because that's like, it's just visually so good."

Could such a showdown actually occur in the MCU? It's already been confirmed that Captain Marvel won't be in Avengers: Infinity War, and we can guess by the timeframe in Captain Marvel that Hulk won't be available. Of the remaining movies on Marvel's slate, that leaves Avengers 4. Captain Marvel will have already had her solo movie at the time of its release, so her appearing in Avengers 4 would make sense. However, Larson's involvement has yet to be confirmed.

Though in-fighting between the heroes may be mostly over with Captain America: Civil War, the Hulk has a reputation for brawling with his fellow Avengers like Thor and Iron Man, so having the Hulk square off with Captain Marvel doesn't seem like an unrealistic scenario. A brief fight between the two might also be a good way to introduce Danvers to the Avengers, as it would quickly show them what she's capable of.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige once described Captain Marvel as "by far the strongest character we’ve ever had." If Danvers herself shares Feige's opinion, we can easily see the Hulk taking issue with that. The comic book version of Hulk viewed himself as "the strongest one there is" and was offended by anyone thinking otherwise. In the comic books, the Hulk has defeated Danvers with ease. Comic book Captain Marvel has superhuman strength, durability, the power of flight, and energy manipulation, but has possessed other powers at certain times. It's unclear what version of the character we'll see on screen or how she'll compare to the Hulk.

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Source: USA Today

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