Universal May Move on 'Bridesmaids 2' Without Kristen Wiig

The cast of Bridesmaids

After bringing in nearly $300 million worldwide at the box office, a sequel to the raunchy comedy Bridesmaids was a given. Despite the first film's critical and financial success however, Universal hasn't been able to move as quickly on the sequel as the studio would like.

The main reason for the slow progress is Kristen Wiig, who apparently isn't interested in returning for a sequel, despite a potentially lucrative payday attached to the film. Considering that Wiig, along with co-writer Annie Mumolo, was the chief creative force behind the original film, that could be a huge problem... but not necessarily.

According to a new report in The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is actively negotiating with Wiig to come back for a sequel, but is also considering ways to move forward on Bridesmaids 2 without her. In the article, a Universal source says, "We are over the moon with the success of Bridesmaids, and if we do a sequel we want to get it right. We are talking to filmmakers now about concepts, and if the right one emerges, we'll move forward."

Presumably, if Wiig doesn't end up returning, the sequel to the film would focus on Melissa McCarthy's character Megan, whose oversized personality was widely considered to be the best part of the first film anyway. If McCarthy does come back for a sequel, it would bookend her rapid rise to fame nicely. Since becoming a Hollywood A-Lister, McCarthy has been attached to numerous new films, including ID Theft with Jason Bateman, and a host of other comedies.

Bridesmaids didn't make it onto Screen Rant's Top 10 favorite  movies of 2011 (though it did earn an honorable mention), but the movie was unquestionably one of the biggest successes of the year. That being said, I'm not certain a sequel is necessarily the best idea. Melissa McCarthy was a lot of fun to watch in a supporting role, but there's a risk that her schtick would wear thin if she were the main focus. Likewise, without Wiig and Mumolo on board to write the sequel, you have to wonder whether the second film would have the same heart as the first movie.

What do you think of a Bridesmaids 2 without Kristen Wiig? Would a movie focused on Melissa McCarthy's character work, or would it be too much of a stretch?

Source: THR

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