Brian Blessed Cast as Thor's Father?

Comic book blog site Bleeding Cool is reporting that actor Brian Blessed (Hamlet, Macbeth) is going to be lending his famously booming voice and imposing stature to the role of Odin, King of Asgard, in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen adaptation of Marvel Comics' Thor.

Fans of Thor of course know that Odin is not only All-Father of Asgard, he's also the father of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Thor's nefarious half-brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). If Brian Blessed has indeed snagged the role of Odin, it means that Thor is going to get a serious thespian to help anchor the cast of relative newcomers.

Blessed and Branagh have previously worked together on several Shakespeare plays-turned-movies, including Henry V (1989),  Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Hamlet (1996) and As You Like It (2006). Blessed's iconic voice is also something you might not even know you recognize: the actor has lent his booming baritone to everyone from George Lucas (he voiced undersea ruler "Boss Nass" in The Phantom Menace) to Seth MacFarlane (he spoofed his own Prince Vultan role in Flash Gordon for an episode of Family Guy). And considering the long, long, list of Shakespearean roles Blessed has under belt, it's safe to say the man possess more than enough dramatic gravitas to play Odin.

In fact, as I look over Brian Blessed's filmography, the man is a perfect choice for Odin! Hell, last year he even narrated a film video game called Viking: Battle for Asgard! What more could you want?

In the Thor comics Odin has all the strength and invulnerability of a god, as well as access to vast amounts of magical energy known as "the Odin Power", which has traditionally allowed him to do fantastic things like transporting every person on Earth to an alternate dimension. Odin is also quite the tactician and fierce warrior, famously wielding a mystical spear know as Gungnir, "The Spear of Heaven".

However, the part I think MIGHT factor into the Thor movie: once a year Odin must undertake "the OdinSleep" or "the Sleep of Life" -  a 24-hour period in which the God-king must enter a deep sleep in order to recharge his powers. While in Odinsleep, Odin is extremely vulnerable and his influence is over Asgard is weakened. The recent Hulk vs. Thor animated feature fashioned a great plot out of the Odinsleep ritual. Will the Thor movie attempt to do the same?

Right now there is no official confirmation from either Marvel, Kenneth Branagh or Brian Blessed himself aobut the actor being cast as Odin. However, Richard Johnston over at Bleeding Cool is somewhat of a comic book industry insider, and I for one am willing to give his word the benefit of the doubt. We'll pass on official confirmation about the casting of Odin when we get it.

For now, how do you feel about Brian Blessed possibly playing Odin in Thor? Does it seem like a logical casting choice or did you have someone else in mind for the role?

Source: Bleeding Cool via Slash Film

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