Brian Austin Green Campaigns To Be The Green Lantern

Brian Austin Green, who plays Derek Reese in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, wants to play Hal Jordan in the upcoming DC superhero movie and he wants you thoughts on the matter.

Green is most famous for his role on Beverly Hills 90210 but more recently made a splash with his kick-ass role in the Terminator television series. With the second season of the show finishing up this week and no third season announced, the actor is trying to push his way into the movie business with a major role in the next potential DC franchise, The Green Lantern.

Comic Book Resources (CBR) News got a chance to speak with Brian about the role and released the first part of their interview. The conversation opens with CBR asking Brian what’s going on with him and The Green Lantern movie.

“Well, nothing’s going on right now. I’ve been sort of throwing myself into the mix and trying to get in to sit down with the producers and see what’s going on. I mean, from what I’ve heard and the response so far from what most people have heard, they’re planning on skewing younger with the character. I’ve heard somewhere in like the mid-twenties, which, being a Green Lantern fan, I don’t necessarily agree with. I’ve always kind of felt that Hal Jordan needs to be a man. He needs to be somebody who lives a little and experienced a lot. So right now I’m just sort of trying to throw my name in and make it something that they might consider. That’s about what I got.”

Brian then moves on to reveal that he’s not yet read the script or met in person with the producers, but his agent and manager have been communicating with them. He also talks about how this would be his first time in the type of role that would bring people into the theaters and that because of that, he’s a tough sell, not having movie fame and that large fan following.

CBR later asked about the risk of an actor throwing himself out there for the role and subjecting himself to what the fans think of him.

“You know, it’s the first time I’ve ever done it. It’s the first time I’ve ever really pushed for something the way I’m pushing for this. It’s odd, I was talking with someone about the way this all came down for me and it wasn’t something that was necessarily on my mind at the time. I didn’t even completely know that the film was in the process and that they were getting it together. A friend of mine just randomly sent me a text message and he was like, “Dude, I just saw a picture of you as the Green Lantern online and it was awesome.” I was like, “What are you talking about?” He sent me the link, I went on and some kid had just put my face on a classic Green Lantern shot, the one of him standing, making the fist with the ring on the finger.

It was funny because I saw it and I thought that it was pretty cool. At the same time, I’ve been playing a lot of “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe ” and Green Lantern is one of my favorite characters. Then Megan [Fox] and I were sitting talking about it and it just kind of clicked. It made sense and I found it odd that somebody had mentioned it to begin with.”

I like what Green is saying, especially about the age. For me, Brian Austin Green was the best part of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I like that he’s gunning for this role, demonstrating that he truly wants it. I was in support of the Chris Pine as The Green Lantern rumor but the more I think about it, I believe Brian Austin’s a better fit than the Star Trek lead actor and I also like that he’s a bit older.

Artwork by Jamie Tyndall

When asked about how he’d play the role of Hal Jordan, Green made the comparison to Iron Man (the producers said back in March that Green Lantern would have an Iron Man vibe) and he likes the idea of the hero with “internal struggle”.

Green’s final thoughts on the subject:

“I’m just intrigued and curious to see what the fans think. Ultimately, fans of the comic and the history should decide. If I’m not the right guy then I shouldn’t be playing the character but if people think that there’s something there, then let’s see where it can go.”

To see the full interview head over to Comic Book Resources.

I love the idea. Brian is relatively unknown for the movie business and I think that’s the type of actor they should choose for the lead role in this superhero flick - He has my support.

Green is currently keeping himself busy with producing his girlfriend’s upcoming comic book movie, Fathom. In the interview, that topic was also discussed and he said that the script is being written by the writer of Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, and the first draft is due in a few weeks.

Do you think Brian Austin Green could play a good Hal Jordan? He’d like to know.

The Green Lantern is scheduled to open December 17, 2010.

Artwork Source: Jamie Tyndall

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