Brett Ratner Talks 'Youngblood' Film

Brett Ratner is talking about his upcoming film adaptation of Image Comics' Youngblood series - as well as his feelings about comic books in general.

Little progress has been made on the Youngblood movie since Ratner was announced as the director for the film last year.  Ratner admitted that the screenplay is still being fine-tuned and that the movie will be a future project for him, "whether it's next year or whatever."

Ratner, who directed X-Men: The Last Standhas expressed his desire to take charge of another major comic book movie franchise. Despite the poor critical reception of his contribution to the X-Men franchise, Ratner remains optimistic that he could handle another superhero go-round.

Speaking with MTV, Ratner said:

"I'm never going to do another X-Men obviously, and I'm not doing any more with Rush Hour.  But to do a new franchise, I don't care what the budget is — even if it was small — but it would be exciting because then I could start my own franchise.  I could do what Bryan [Singer] did with X-Men."

X-Men movie franchise

Ratner mentioned that he would not begin casting for Youngblood until the script was complete.  He further admitted that his announcement last August about intending to cast Robert Pattinson (Twilight) in a role was merely him "throwing a name out there because [Robert] was hot."

Despite the slow development of the Youngblood movie, and fans' generally harsh reaction to the third X-Men film, Ratner was adamant about his love for comic books - both as a child and now.

As he put it:

"So I'm interested in comic books.  I grew up reading comic books.  Even though all the rumors said, 'Oh, Brett didn't read comics,' but I read Batman and Superman.  Superman was my favorite comic, which is why I was first attached to make Superman.  Youngblood, obviously, I discovered later in life and I just fell in love with it."

The Youngblood comic revolves around an organization of government-sanctioned superheroes who strive to maintain the peace (in the face of political opposition and public scrutiny) - think a B-grade version of The Avengers. Should a cinematic adaptation of the comic series be successful, it has the potential to kickoff a new blockbuster franchise - one that Ratner could call "his own".

Will moviegoers be as equally enthused as Ratner for a Youngblood movie?  We'll have to wait and see but color me doubtful for the time being.

Youngblood comic book and Barack Obama

Could Youngblood be the next big, action-packed, comic book movie franchise? Should Ratner be allowed to helm another comic book film?

There's no official word on when to expect production on Youngblood to get rolling - but we'll keep you updated.

Source: MTV

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