Brett Ratner Wants To Be On The Comic Book Movie A-List

Everyone's favorite director, Brett Ratner, recently went on a bit of a rant to MTV News, talking about how he would love to direct more comic book movies, if only there were still some of the 'best heroes' to go around.

Now, I know what a lot of you are already thinking--but at least take a look at what the man had to say before you go ripping into him, please.

“I would do any superhero movie that I was asked to do,” Ratner told MTV News. “But I wouldn’t have been interested in ‘Iron Man.’ I have a lot of respect for [Jon Favreau], because to me, it was a B-character. ‘Iron Man’? … But look what he did.”

Those comments definitely got under some people's skin--this story was sent my way under the subject-heading, "Brett Ratner slams Jon Favreau and Iron Man," for God's sake. But I don't see it as that bad of a comment: Iron Man was a B-list superhero (at best) and Jon Favreau deserves a lot of respect for taking the character and turning him into a mainstream icon.

However, I will call Ratner out on the fact that he said he wasn't interested in comic book "B-characters." I mean the guy is going to be producing and directing Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, a comic book that was basically a C-list knock-off of The Avengers. He'd better hope that he too can work that Favreau magic at the box office.

For you Ratner-haters out there, here's something Brett said in that same interview that will truly make you shudder with the thought of "What if?", only to make you warm with joy all over again:

“I was so upset when I left ‘Superman,’” said Ratner. “[Bryan] Singer has his ‘X-Men,’ [Christopher] Nolan has ‘Batman‘ — there’s nothing left. ‘Hulk‘ has been exploited already. There’s nothing left for me.”

“I mean, I’m not going to go and do the Silver Surfer or something,” shrugged Ratner.

So we know that Silver Surfer is safe, but could you imagine if Ratner was handed a Batman or Superman film, or (God forbid!) another crack at X-Men? Don't think it couldn't happen! This guy is THE go-to guy in situations where celebrated directors depart from their franchises. Once Chris Nolan is tired of Batman...

Seriously though, I'm going to use this platform to proclaim that I've never understood all the Ratner-hate. Or for that matter, the intense hatred for X-Men: The Last Stand that I come across every day in the blogosphere. X3 wasn't that bad of a movie; I keep watching it (gasp! I own it!) trying to get on the same page as a lot of my blogger-brethren, but I can't do it. The film just isn't that bad. I mean it certainly mucked with the X-Men continuum by killing off Cyclops and "killing off" Professor X... but the fight sequences were some of the best of the series (IMHO) and the plot (though a bit over-crammed) worked for me. X3 was a nice end chapter to the trilogy and a good setup for a fresher, younger, X-Men franchise down the line. Even Kelsey Grammer's Beast was OK (though the makeup was a bit corny).

There, I said it. It's so good to finally be able to come out of the closet as an X3 liker (not lover).

So, personally speaking: I would let Brett Ratner have a crack at another well-known comic book hero(es). It would be a B-list or C-list hero, but I would let him have a chance--if he deemed the project "worthy," of course.

OK I'm finished. Now you can all go ahead and rant back about how you REALLY feel about Brett Ratner, X-Men: The Last Stand and Kofi Outlaw for saying he's cool with both. I await your judgment.

Source: MTV News

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