Brett Ratner, God of War?

The guys over at Slash Film were looking over the press release they got from MGM about the Robocop reboot - when they noticed an interesting little sidebar about a certain well-respected director who will be taking on the monumental task of bringing one of video games most popular anti-heroes of the last decade to the big screen.

And who would this well-respected director be?

Brett Ratner.

That's right folks, Brett Ratner, the "auteur" behind such big-budget far as X-Men: The Last Stand and the inexplicably popular Rush Hour trilogy (It's so sad that I can call it that,) seems to have been tapped by the powers that be over at MGM to bring über popular video game God Of War to the big screen. From the Robocop press release:

"[Writer] David Self’s credits include 13 Days and Road To Perdition. He wrote God of War for Universal, to which Brett Ratner is attached to direct, and was a writer on Universal’s Wolfman currently in production."

For those who are not thumb-jockeys like myself, God Of War is a video game epic set in ancient Greece, that basically takes all those Greek mythology stories about Zeus, Hades, Athena, Aires, Atlas, Olympus, and even the War between Gods and Titans said to have shaped the world itself, and turns those myths on their heads by introducing a character named Kratos, a merciless Spartan warrior who dies only to return as "The Ghost of Sparta," wielding two mystical blades attached to chains, hungering for revenge on the gods he thinks have toyed with his existence, namely Aires, the God of War. But first, of course, he must battle his way through hordes of mythical monsters to get there.

God of War action pic

If Ratner is truly going to be helming this flick, boy does he have his work cut out for him. The God Of War video game set a new standard for cinematic presentation and sound in gaming, and God Of War II: Chains of Olympus set the bar so much higher that when I first played it, I had to detach my Playstation 2 from its usual 19" screen and hook up to the big boy, 56" in 480p HD, just so that I could fully savor the experience. What I'm saying is: those games were better movies than the entire Rush Hour series.

Am I wrong about that? Let me know what you think. God of War III, is slated to hit a PS3 near you next year. No word yet on when the film will be released, or how much of the trilogy the film will cover. We'll keep you posted.

Source: Slash Film

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