Ratner Talks 'Conan' Casting

Multiple directors attached: Ratner, Wachowskis', Rob Zombie. Schwarzenegger at one time possibly starring again. Changing hands of production company to production company. Ten years in the making...

It's certainly been a rough road for a new Conan movie.

However what seems entirely probable is there will be one, although some time ago frontrunner for the director's chair Brett Ratner dismissed his attachment to the project as "rumors" and "premature news."

Well it seems that his involvement might be more possible than he let on as he's made his thoughts known on who should be cast in the iconic title role:

"I believe it should be an unknown... Conan is kind of iconic. It's kind of like when you do Superman."

"Growing up, my favorite comic book was ‘Conan,' [It] was the first comic book I ever read."

He also expressed his awareness that it's a mighty task to helm a film about one of cinema history's most iconic macho-men but is also confident it's time for the character to grace the big-screen again:

"Look, it's difficult to fill those shoes," insisted Ratner, "But they came up with a new Batman, they came up with a new James Bond, you know?"

I think it's possible that Ratner's dismissal in the past regarding his involvement in a new Conan film may have been slyly on purpose to throw people off the scent. After all if he wasn't involved in at least some capacity (even if it's just preliminary talks with the studio) why would he let his thoughts about who should play him be known, and why would he show such enthusiasm?

Since Conan was his favorite comic book growing up he'll probably end up officially getting the gig, even if he's certainly not the director that movie fans will want. He directed the first two Rush Hour movies (which aren't all that bad, but nothing great) and according to a lot of comic book fans he ruined the X-Men franchise with the third one (I liked it by the end of the day but he certainly dropped the level of quality substantially).

Ratner's love for the character is encouraging but it still doesn't prove he would do a good job with a new movie...

As far as who should play the title role, I agree 100% with Ratner that it should be an unknown. Like he said above, with Superman they had to cast an unknown so we could associate him with that character and not just see an A-list actor wearing the tights and cape. The same goes for Conan - he's such an iconic character of movie history and to put anyone really well known in the role is creating hurdles that are unneeded (there's a small chance that it could possible work, but it's very unlikely).

So do you think Ratner would be a good choice to direct a new Conan movie? And who do you think should be play the iconic character?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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