Breathe Trailer: Andrew Garfield Wants to Truly Live

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The first trailer for the Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy-led Breathe has been released, and it has one of the more sought-after names in the entertainment industry right now at its helm. 2017 is turning out to be a very big year for Andy Serkis too, with the upcoming release of his already critically-acclaimed War for the Planet of the Apes - which ends his tenure as Caesar in the franchise - and will then be followed up just a few months later with the theatrical release of his directorial debut, in Breathe.

Based on an inspiring true story, Breathe stars Andrew Garfield as the adventurous and charismatic, Robin Cavendish, who has his whole life ahead of him when he is paralyzed by polio while in Africa and given just months to live. But even against all professional advice, Robin’s wife Diana (Claire Foy), brings him home from the hospital where her devotion and witty determination inspire him to lead a long and satisfying life with her and their family.

Bleecker Street has officially unveiled the first theatrical trailer for Breathe online, and despite only teasing what fans can expect to see in the film, the trailer doesn't hold back on packing itself to the brim with a seemingly endless lineup of tearjerking moments either. You can check out the trailer for yourself in the space up above, and also find the first official poster for Breathe down below.

Assuming that Breathe winds up being as emotional and gripping as this trailer makes it out to be, then it'll just be another win for Andy Serkis, who is on a career high right now that very few other actors in the entertainment industry are. Not only does he have this and War for the Planet of the Apes coming out this year, but he'll also be costarring in next year's Black Panther standalone film for Marvel and is currently set to releases Warner Bros.' promising, dark live-action take on The Jungle Book as well, which he is both directing and playing a motion-capture role in.

As for the trailer itself, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Garfield looks to be giving yet another awards-worthy performance here, but it is especially nice to see Foy getting the chance to shine on the big screen, following her breakout turn in Netflix's period drama, The Crown, last year. Together, the duo look like they're doing well at making sure the film lands as hard emotionally as it needs to. And with a mid-October release date set, there's very little doubt that Breathe is in a good position to be one of this year's notable awards season contenders.

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  • Breathe (2017) release date: Oct 13, 2017
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