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Kristen Stewart Talks Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

The second movie in the Twilight franchise, New Moon, was released just last November and yet already calendars are being marked for the third film, Eclipse, which hits theaters this summer. However, if you think the teen vampire train is stopping at three you can think again - the fourth Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn, is already in the planning stages.

Breaking Dawn the novel - which is being split into two movies - obviously follows on the heels of Eclipse and is about [Major SPOILERS for those who haven't read the books] Bella (Kristen Stewart) as she graduates high school and gives birth to a human/vampire hybrid baby. Awesome.

The baby matures in Bella’s belly at an accelerated rate, which causes some pregnancy troubles for mommy. Edward (Robert Pattinson) ultimately transforms Bella into a vampire so she can survive childbirth – but once their daughter, Renesmee, is born, Edward and Bella face a whole new problem: protecting her from the Volturi. You can read what Breaking Dawn producer Wyck Godfrey had to say about the challenges of adapting the book into a movie by going HERE.

Back when, there was a lot of talk of who was going to direct Eclipse. The job ultimately went to 30 Days of Night director, David Slade. But who's going to direct the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn? Well, Entertainment Weekly has gotten word that Summit Entertainment is currently looking at three different award-winning directors.

EW has sources that say Summit has reached out to at least three well-known and respected directors including Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gus Van Sant (Milk) and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) for Breaking Dawn. Nothing's official but word is Summit wants to gauge the directors' interest in doing the movie.

Summit declined to comment, Coppola and Condon's reps weren't available for comment but Van Sant's reps did confirm he's been approached about it. It seems that Summit is really serious about getting someone good for The Twilight Saga's last big hoorah (after all, they snagged David Slade for the third movie).

Nothing's going to move forward with this trio of directors until they see a full outline of Melissa Rosenberg's script. EW notes that's likely to happen next week, so check back then for the news of which, if any, of these directors ends up taking on the project.

For now: What do you think of the high-profile directors Summit wants for Breaking Dawn?

Both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will likely hit theaters in 2011 or 2012.

If you can't wait that long, Eclipse hits theaters on June 30th this year and New Moon is released on DVD on March 20th (this Saturday).

Source: EW

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