Rumor Patrol: 'Breaking Dawn' Won't Be Shot in 3D

The Twilight Saga has been a pop-culture fixation for the last few years, and the movie adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's novels have been a bonafide cash cow for Summit Entertainment, the little studio that has become a much larger player in the movie game thanks to Twilight's box-office shattering profits.

Summit hasn't been at all shy about trying to milk The Twilight Saga for all it's worth: releasing New Moon and Eclipse at the height of the Fall and Summer movie rushes, and then making the (surely profit-driven) decision to release the fourth and final Twilight adaptation, Breaking Dawn, as two separate films (a la Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

Ever since we heard the plan for two Breaking Dawn movies, we (and a lot of other movie news aficionados) naturally assumed that Summit would go for the ultimate cash-grab by either shooting or post-converting their two Breaking Dawn films into 3D. After all, in the past year films like Clash of the Titans and Alice In Wonderland have proven that even sub-par 3D films (and their hiked ticket prices) are a winning bet for studios looking boost profit margins on their tentpole properties - so naturally a 3D, two-part,  Breaking Dawn would be a no-brainer for Summit, right?

Well, anybody assuming that we were going to get the final entries to The Twilight Saga coming at us in three dimensions may want to pause for a second: the website Gossip Cop is reporting from a source allegedly inside of Summit Entertainment that there are no plans for Breaking Dawn to be shot in 3D.

Notice I said "SHOT IN 3D." Of course there is still plenty of room for Summit to go the (cheaper) route of simply converting Breaking Dawn after the fact - however, Gossip Cop goes on to claim that currently there are no plans to convert either chapter of the two-part film into 3D. Will that be the case all the way up until Breaking Dawn's release? Who knows...but I wouldn't rule it out just quite yet.

As for whether or not Breaking Dawn is suited for 3D: it's a novel about Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire hubby Edward (Robert Pattinson) dealing with a troubled pregnancy and the birth of their vampire/human hybrid child. I didn't read the novel, but from what I understand the most action offered by the story involves a few wolfpack skirmishes (cue shirtless Taylor Lautner) and a less-than-thrilling showdown with a vampire tribunal; it basically sounds like True Blood meets Law & Order. That said, 3D seems wholly unnecessary for the film(s) - but then, when has the unnecessary ever been a successful deterrent to the profit-making whims of Hollywood?

For now, let's just throw our bets on the table: What do you think the chances are of Summit going with a 3D format for Breaking Dawn (whether it's shot that way or converted later)?

Breaking Dawn: Part I will be in theaters on November 18, 2011.

Breaking Dawn: Part II will be in theaters on November 16, 2012.

Sources: Gossip Cop via Digital Spy

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