Ranking The Best Villains In Breaking Bad From Least To Most Dangerous

From drug lords to their hitmen, these are the 10 most dangerous and psychotic villains in all of Breaking Bad

If there's one element Breaking Bad is known for, its the rich, interesting array of menacing villains, brought to life by a tremendous cast of actors. Really, most of the major players in the show can at least be somewhat viewed as villains or at least "antiheroes." Let's face it, being involved in the meth game will likely mean getting your hands dirty - and possibly bloody. Thus, there's no shortage of sadistic, cold, and sociopathic villains to draw from.

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This list will be disregarding those with more "grey area," or antiheroes like the memorable Mike Ehrmantraut, Jesse Pinkman, and of course - Walter himself. We also won't focus on "good" figures who merely get in the way of Walt like Hank. Rather, we'll mainly be focusing on the drug lords, their associates, and the truly malicious figures; villains in just about every sense of the word. Let's take a look at the 10 best and most dangerous featured in Breaking Bad's 5 seasons.

10 Krazy-8

Breaking Bad

Despite the cool and intimidating nickname, Krazy-8 doesn't pose a major threat to Walter, even back in season 1 when Walt's just begun his transformation from an upstanding science teacher to brute drug kingpin. It's tough to maintain a scary persona when you've spent part of your life working at your father's furniture store.

Still, to his credit, Krazy-8 does at least manage to survive Walt's deadly concoction which he unleashes inside their RV, even after trapping him inside for quite some time. This is more than his partner and cousin Emilio can say. He even manages to come rather close to stabbing Walter with naught but a shattered plate while being tethered to a basement pillar.

9 Tyrus Kitt

Gus Fring's first assistant in security, Victor, wasn't particularly intimidating, and not the brightest as he oversteps and tries to cook meth on his own. By comparison, the larger, quieter Tyrus is more of a menacing figure, as he often watches over Walt and Jesse while they cook, glaring with that ice-cold and untrustworthy stare.

Tyrus' cool, collected demeanor and emotionless expressions suggest a villain with a lack of empathy, and one that doesn't bend too easily. Still, he's ultimately little more than the "right-hand man" of Gus; a henchman. This puts something of a cap on how dangerous he really can be, at least in the dynamics of the show.

8 Hector Salamanca

Breaking Bad

Rewind to the era when Hector wasn't confined to his speechless, immobile state in his wheelchair, and this prominent cartel figure would probably sit higher on this list.

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Yet, given that his communication and movement is limited to striking a piercing bell on his chair, it's tough to be too intimidated by this man. Still, there is something unsettling about this quiet former drug runner, his menacing faces, and his sociopathic tendencies (as shown in various flashbacks). On top of this, he does still have friends in high places, even after losing his nephew Tuco.

7 Tuco Salamanca

Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca in Breaking Bad

Taking his place as one of the show's creepiest villains, with his uncontrollable rage, maniacal attitude, and menacing stature, Tuco makes the end of season 1 feel truly nerve-wracking.

We learn early on of Tuco's pretty high standing in the cutthroat foodchain of drug dealing, which, coupled with his aggressive traits and recklessness, makes for an imposing villain. Tuco drops quite a few jaws as viewers watch him literally beat an associate to death, for essentially no reason, establishing him as a foe that's not to be messed with.

6 Lydia Quayle

It's may seem like an odd decision to place the timid, smaller Lydia above the large, armed, and drugged madman that is Tuco. Yet, from the standpoint of power and influence in the larger scheme of things, Quayle pulls many of the strings. She hides her often malicious intentions behind a poised, business-like appearance.

She's largely in charge of shipping and distribution of Madrigal Electromotive: a huge conglomerate that transports chemicals to and from the US, including methylamine. Lydia takes advantage of this access, in addition to her various connections in and outside the company. Basically, she can make things happen, and you'd better look over your shoulder if you're at odds with her. She not only put a hit out on Mike, but she was a mastermind in killing off the nine "loose ends" of Mike's prior operation.

5 Don Eladio

Don Eladio Hector Salamanca Sabrosito

It's tough to discount the power and influence of a man who not only heads a major Mexican drug cartel, but initially even outranks Hector and Gus Fring. Given the lavish property in which his scenes take place, it's clear Don Eladio is in a very high, virtually untouchable standing... at least until Fring masterminds a plan to poison him and his crew.

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Still, before the rise of Gus, at least, Eladio stands as one of the most powerful and menacing figures. His lack of empathy or remorse is quickly established when he arranges for Gus' partner to be shot in the head for what he only perceives as a slight to him and the cartel.

4 Todd Alquist

Breaking Bad Todd Kills a Kid

The sociopathic breed of villains is usually the most menacing, since you know there's nothing too low that they wouldn't at least consider trying. Such is the case with Todd, the nephew of Jack, who heads a Neo Nazi gang which poses the main threat to Walter and Jesse for most of season 5. As Jesse describes, Todd sports a "dead-eyed" look of emotionlessness that's pretty unsettling.

He hides behind a calm and polite appearance, but in actuality, he's a dangerous individual who the show establishes is just fine with shooting pretty much anyone; even innocent children. Todd doesn't take a ton of initiative himself, but rather, keeps many around him on edge with thinly veiled threats of having his uncle and other Neo Nazi connections "take care" of an issue.

3 Marco & Leonel Aka "The Cousins"

Breaking Bad

Though these brothers are somewhat outranked when it comes to influential villains in Breaking Bad, they're certainly two of the most physically intimidating. These cousins of Tuco have an almost creepily calm, methodical approach to their actions, coupled with a borderline superhuman strength that makes them a force to be reckoned with. Even the seasoned DEA agent Hank only barely overcomes an attack by these two hitmen after being tipped-off in advance.

The show implies these two had a harsh upbringing, being raised by the tough, seemingly abusive Hector Salamanca (who nearly drowns one of them as kids just to make a point). This upbringing serves to harden them both physically and mentally.

2 Gustavo Fring

It would stand to reason that pretty much the only villain more menacing that the brutish brothers Marco and Leonel is the man that can order them around: the drug kingpin Gus Fring. This villain is particularly effective in his ability to blend in, using both his professional demeanor and chicken restaurant as a cover to hide his true influence and sadistic ways. We learn just how relentless Gus is capable of being when he gruesomely stabs an associate right in from of the protagonists.

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This is the first, and just about the only man that really rivals Walter White, giving him a "run for his money" and nearly having him - and likely his family - killed.

1 Jack Welker

Acting as sort of a "final boss" at the end of the turbulent journey that Walt endures for 5 seasons, "Uncle Jack" is undoubtedly one of the coldest, most malicious villains in the show.

He possesses a deadly combination of sociopathy, societal connections, and sheer power through his Neo Nazi gang and their military-grade weaponry. Jack and his men are influential to the point of being able to kill off close to a dozen men all in a two-minute window, by way of their various prison connections. He and his gang reside in an ominous fenced-off stretch of land where they torture Jesse and force him to cook meth to help them run their new operation.

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