'Breaking Bad': Relive Entire Series in 7-Minute Tribute Video [Spoilers]

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[Warning! MAJOR Breaking Bad SPOILERS!]


AMC's widely-acclaimed drama Breaking Bad certainly went out with a bang, not only drawing in a series-high audience of 10.3 million viewers, but also - if the response from our readers is anything to go by - giving fans a satisfying conclusion to a story that has been consistently gripping for five seasons. For a series whose characters are predominantly criminals, there's a lot of love for Breaking Bad and for all the people whose stories have been woven into the tale of high school teacher Walter White's transformation into meth kingpin Heisenberg.

Until something else comes along to fill the gaping wound in our viewing schedules, fans of the show have been using the time since the finale aired to create Breaking Bad tributes. The first of these, shown above, is a 7-minute tribute titled The Heisenberg Legacy and edited together by Nick Bosworth of JoBlo. It recaps the story of the show from start to finish, and the changes that all the different characters underwent as events unfolded. It also gives you a welcome reminder of some of the show's most memorable moments (though sadly not the "Get off the toilet" scene - you can watch that here).

Breaking Bad Best Moments Header

Somewhat bizarrely, considering the subject of the show, Breaking Bad has been a great boon to Albuquerque tourism industry and Heisenberg's blue meth has become the Mickey Mouse of Albuquerque. Reuters reports that the city's Rebel Donuts chain sold $10,000 dollars worth of its "blue meth donuts" (blue frosted with crystal rock candy) in the hours leading up to the finale, and spa products firm owner Keith West-Harrison said that sales of the company's "Bathing Bad" blue bath salts paid for building renovation work that needed to be carried out. Even the Albuquerque Journal profited from the finale, as in the wake of the show's end, some fans clubbed together to pay for a very special obituary.

Huell and Patrick at peace in 'Breaking Bad'

No, it wasn't for Huell and Patrick, who thankfully were amongst the survivors of the show (we're pretty sure that Huell is still sitting in that safe house), but instead for Heisenberg himself. Love him or hate him, Breaking Bad wouldn't exist without Walter White and his increasingly dubious moral compass, and he finally found a fitting end after his long battle with cancer and his relatively short battle with a rebounding bullet.

Los Lunas resident David Layman and members of the Facebook group "Unofficial Breaking Bad Fan Tour" placed an obituary for Walter White in the Friday 4th October issue of the Albuquerque Journal, as a means of providing "closure" to a series that Layman says turned Albuquerque into "no longer a stopover [but] a destination." In (sort of) loving memory, here's the obituary of Walter White.

Breaking Bad - Walter White obituary in the Albuquerque Journal

Donating to a drug abuse prevention charity is probably a pretty good way to pay tribute to the show; after all, if Breaking Bad can help businesses selling donuts and bath salts then maybe the show could also help a real-life Jesse Pinkman from ever getting involved with the world of meth amphetamine in the first place.

If you've found another fun tribute to Breaking Bad that you'd like to share, or if you just want to reminisce about your favorite moments from the show, then leave us a note in the comments. To find out what we thought of the series finale, check out the Screen Rant review.


Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will be available on Blu-ray from November 26th, 2013.

Source: Albuquerque Journal (via Cinema Blend)

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