10 Breaking Bad Spin-Offs We'd Love To See

Walter White in Breaking Bad and Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Film has been on Netflix for a few days now but that hasn't stopped fans from talking about it. This peek back into the world of crystal meth and Heisenberg has left many viewers wanting even more! The movie finished off Jesse Pinkman's story, showing us how much he has changed and finally giving audiences a sense of closure.

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El Camino has also made us think about the wider potential for this universe. There's so many interesting characters and other tales to tell that there could be so many more spin-offs in the future. Whether it's another movie or perhaps a series much like Better Call Saul, here's ten Breaking Bad spin-offs we'd love to see.


Everyone was surprised that Huell didn't have a brief appearance in the film. Since he has been heavily featured in the Saul prequel show it's likely that writer Vince Gilligan thought it was better to spend time on characters we hadn't seen for a while. But there's a lot more that could happen with Huell.

There was always a bit of a question mark surrounding the character. His background is a little shady and he's committed quite a few crimes in the past, as we've seen on Better Call Saul. It could be that after the fall of Walt, maybe Huell fancied a bit of the business for himself and used everything he has learnt to set up shop!


Hank Schrader is a very talented and well respected member of the DEA. He was a key component in finally bringing down Walter White, his brother-in law. However, his career has is much longer than what we've seen in Breaking Bad.

A spin-off show looking at Hank's early days on the job could be really interesting. It could allow for us to understand this criminal underworld further, perhaps bringing back old villains and introducing us to new crime groups that Hank ultimately brings down. The focus in this case would be on the DEA itself.


Skinny Pete and Badger are two very beloved members of the Breaking Bad family. They have been fan favourites for some time because of their geeky interests and loyalty to Jesse. El Camino showed us what the two are currently up to but there's so much more to explore.

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This isn't the end for this duo by any means. While it seems like they are on the straight and narrow for the most part, everything could turn upside down in one day. Perhaps a film where the best friends have to get themselves out of trouble could be the comedy that this world needs.


Skyler is one of the most hated parts of the original series. Many felt that she was an incredibly unlikable character who made some poor decisions throughout her time on the show. However, it's got to be difficult for Skyler to recover from everything that has happened.

People may hate the idea, but a short film featuring Skyler in the aftermath of these big events would be a great way to show us what's next for the widow of Walter White. There's every chance she could turn to criminality or simply get away to start a new life of her own.


What if Lydia survived. It was clear that the poison had pretty much finished her off in El Camino but what if a miracle struck and she managed to come out the other side alive. She couldn't have her revenge because Walter White is dead. So what would she do?

She'd probably manage to get away from the authorities and make the lives of Walt's family a living hell. Not only this, she'd do good business once again. The one thing she really knows how to do. The return of Lydia could see the rise of a brand new drug lord in Albuquerque.


The Nazis commanded by Uncle Jack are a huge part of Jesse's story in both the series and the film. But how on earth did such a controversial group gain so much power, influence and resources. Sure, Lydia helped out a lot, but how did this group even form?

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There's absolutely a story to tell here about how Uncle Jack came to this ideology and how he brought a young Todd into all of this. It would also be a great way to explore how they made their way to Breaking Bad, with so many members. It would probably be a very timely tale to explore.


Jane was one of the many characters briefly featured in El Camino. During her appearance we're reminded of the relationship she had with Jesse as well as her tragic death. Her death was of course instrumental in the aeroplane crash that was such a huge part of the show.

But Jane fell into this lifestyle long before she found Jesse. Even while she was on Breaking Bad there was plenty we didn't know about the girl. Exploring this story from her point of view, rather than Pinkman's, would be another way for us to understand the character as well as the issues surrounding drug abuse.


Ed Galbraith has almost built up a vacuum empire for himself which he uses to hide his side business of being an extractor. Someone doesn't decide to be an extractor overnight though, nor do they have the resources he has without some big things happening.

A much younger Ed, played by a different actor, could provide plenty of opportunities to explore a completely different part of this world. It would be a fitting tribute to Robert Forster and has the legs to be a genuinely long running series.


The same can be said for Mike. We've seen plenty of Mike's past on Better Call Saul but never his life before this. We know he was a corrupt police officer who got fired from the job and we also know that his son was killed in action.

We never truly know any of the events surrounding all of this though and how Mike acquired all of the skills that he now possesses. There's a film to be made from that story, one that would interest many fans who love the character and need to know more.


Gus has had a troubled past that's been documented in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. This just isn't enough to fully dig into everything that went on day to day when he was rising up the ranks of the drug industry.

The incredibly popular Narcos is a great show to base this kind of story on. Most of this series or film could take place across Latin America and show the root of all of these drug lords. It can show us where this all started and how many of these huge characters made their way to the main series of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

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